Flannel Shirt Vases

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Give your home a cozy winter feel with these cute flannel shirt vases.

Cozy up your winter home with some flannel wrapped decor. These cute recycled vases say “winter,” without looking like Christmas decorations.


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


To begin, cut strips of flannel to fit around your can, making them about 2-inches longer than they need to be to just barely overlap.


If desired, “hem” the long edges by folding them over 1/4-inch, and adhere with hot glue.


Fold one short end over about 1-inch towards the inside, and hot glue to adhere. Use your embroidery thread to sew a decorative running stitch about 3/4-inch away from the edge.


Use your embroidery floss to sew a line of buttons onto the folded end of the flannel. Glue opposite end of the flannel (with the raw edge) to the can, and then wrap the can in the flannel “shirt.” Use hot glue as needed to help keep it in place.

Flannel Shirt Vases

Make one, make a whole set. These look cute on my mantle with just some bare sticks in them, or you could add flowers, greenery, or even a battery pillar candle.

Happy crafting!

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