Kids Crafts: Penguins!

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We’re right in the middle of winter with only spring to look forward to. Lots of kids start to get a little cabin fever when it’s too cold for them to go out and play. Lots of kids also love penguins, so it only makes sense to entertain them by making some penguin friends to get them through the winter!

Soda Bottle Penguin

Soda Bottle Penguin

Not only is this penguin adorable, but it also reuses plastic bottles which can help keep the real penguins’ ocean homes safe. Make a whole Waddle of penguins! (Can you believe that’s actually what you call a group of them?)

No-Sew Sock Penguin - Easy Peasy and Fun

No-Sew Sock PenguinEasy Peasy and Fun

Because there’s no sewing, kids will have no problem creating their own cuddly penguin. Dress it up in your child’s favorite colors for a little personalization.

Egg Carton Penguins - One Little Project

Egg Carton PenguinsOne Little Project

Here’s another recycled penguin craft that will keep kids busy. What kid wouldn’t love a craft that involves googly eyes?

Build a Penguin World - Adventure in a Box for CBC Parents

Build a Penguin WorldAdventure in a Box for CBC Parents

Create a whole world in a sensory bin for kids of all ages to enjoy. What would you add to your own miniature Antarctica besides these cute penguins?

Milk Jug Igloo - The Pinterested Parent

Milk Jug IglooThe Pinterested Parent

If you don’t have quite enough snow to make your own igloo, grab a few more recycled materials to create an indoor igloo home for tiny penguins! This is a great craft to keep kids busy for quite a while.

Beat the winter blues with the ultimate winter cheer-up – silly penguins!

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