Build a Polymer Clay Starter Kit

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By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

Ready to start working with polymer clay and don’t know where to begin? Here are some great things to start out with and build your polymer clay stash up as well as some extras that are my personal favorites.


The most basic thing you will need is polymer clay. Polymer clay is an oven hardening clay that remains soft until baked.  A good starting point is a multicolor pack. You can even mix colors within a clay pack to create new ones. The most popular polymer clay brands are Sculpey and Fimo and are ready to use right from the package with no conditioning required.


You will want to invest in some zipper plastic bags to store your clay. Although the clay is oven hardening, it can still dry out. After opening a new pack of clay, place it in a zipper bag and try to get all the air out before sealing it to keep clay fresh and lint free. Don’t store all your clay in one bag as the colors will mix.

Hobby blade and/or clay cutter:


You will need a hobby blade or clay cutter to trim and cut your clay. Both are great for trimming and creating smooth straight edges.

Things around the house:

There are even some things around the house you can convert into tools. Just keep in mind that after something is used for polymer clay, it is no longer safe to use it with food.

Toothpicks and sewing pins are great for creating details like small holes. You can also scrape your clay to give it texture.

Plastic straws cut in half (so they are a half circle) are great for pressing into clay to make scales for a fish, dragon, or mermaid.

A new (smooth non-textured) cutting board makes a great work surface and is easy to clean.

Beyond the starter kit:

If you want to go beyond just the basics and add some extra detail to your polymer clay work, I recommend chalk pastels and Liquid Fimo.

Chalk Pastels:


Chalk Pastels are great for shading clay and to tint Liquid Fimo. Just shave the chalk into a fine dust with a hobby blade. Use the dust to paint onto unbaked clay. Dust the top of a waffle charm to give it a baked look. Mix dust into Liquid Fimo to add color. Mix in some brown chalk with Liquid Fimo to create maple syrup.


 Liquid Fimo is excellent for creating fake liquids like syrups and sauces. When combined and mixed with clay you can even make frosting. Liquid Fimo oven bakes at 265 for 20 minutes to cure.

Check out my other blog posts to see how I have used all these products and tools in my projects. What is your favorite thing you have made with polymer clay? What clay crafts would you like to see in my future posts?

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