Create Easy Do-It-Yourself Snowflake Art

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By Guest Blogger Rachel from the blog Rachel Antonia Designs.

Rachel Antonia Designs is a website dedicated to Rachel’s whimsical hand drawn illustrations and blogs about dipping her toes into the world of illustration, business, and the creative community.

DIY your own winter inspired art for Christmas and after!

This Christmas (much like every Christmas in years past) seemed to just creep up on me. As I’m writing this there’s only one more week until the big day and I’ve still got friends to see, cookies to make, and presents to wrap… So, naturally I’m crafting…

This year I’m crafting for you and me. I’m crafting for my sanity and so you can see how even with all the things still left on your big to do list, there’s always time for fun.


What you Will Need:  

  • At Least 3 12 x 12 Canvases (I bought a pack of 7 for future projects)
  • 1 Can of Krylon Grey Chalk Spray Paint
  • 1 Plastic Snowflake Decoration (I picked up mine from our old office holiday party last year)
  • A Large Piece of Cardboard (to spray paint on)
  • And some masking tape to hold the snowflake to the canvas
  • You will also need 1 4 oz tube of glitter glue and a small paint brush. This will give your snowflakes some extra sparkle!



Place your canvas on top of your cardboard on the ground.

Then, put masking tape on the back of your snowflake stencil so it will adhere to the canvas


Place your snowflake stencil down on the canvas in the top right-hand corner. This placement is important because your other two snowflakes will follow the pattern.

Follow the directions on the Krylon spray paint and begin to spray your canvas.


Peel off your snowflake to reveal the imprint left on your canvas.


Place the snowflake stencil on the next canvas in the bottom right hand corner with the points of the snowflake facing the same direction. (See the picture below in step 6 for the correct placement)


Spray the canvas and repeat these steps with the next canvas being sure to look at the above photo for snowflake placement. If you don’t want your snowflakes to connect to each other you can put your snowflake stencil anywhere you like!


Once the canvases are dry, brush the canvas edges with the glitter. This will really make them look like snowflakes.

Snowflake Art

Let them dry and they’re ready to be the center piece on your mantle!

Snowflake Art

Or sit them on your window sill (They’re an excellent substitute for real snow)

These snowflake canvases were the easiest projects I’ve attempted so far. The supplies are cheap, it takes little skill, and waiting for the paint to dry gives you a lot of free time to tackle your other holiday chores.

So if you’re like me and constantly busy, but you still want a little craft time I would suggest creating some easy stencil art. They make an excellent addition to your holiday decor and it’s always nice to be able to say, “hey, I made that!”

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