Paper Bag Stars

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

A fun kids craft for all ages! Create these paper bag stars to hang on the wall!

Here’s a great, and simple project to do with kids during the cold days of winter. With a minimal supplies, and a little time, you can make a neat star decoration, that’s almost magical when you finally unfold it!


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


To begin, count out 8 bags per star. Use your crayons to decorate your bags.



Don’t make elaborate pictures, think color and pattern, instead.


Stack all your bags so the bottom flap is up, and facing toward you. Take your first bag off the stack, and apply the glue stick to the bag in an upside down “T” shape (as indicated by the red crayon line in the photo). Grab a bag from your pile, and lay it on top of the one you just applied the glue to (make sure it’s flap-side up). Press down to stick.


Keep gluing and sticking your bags together (always keeping the bags facing the same direction), until they are glued into a neat stack. Stick under something heavy, like a book, and let dry for 10 minutes.


Use you scissors to cut the stack of bags into a point on the open end of the bags. Cut a simple point, or cut a more elaborate pointed shape, your choice.


Now the magical part! Apply a “T” of glue to the top bag in your stack, and then slide a hand carefully into the bag on the top of the stack, and the bag on the bottom of the stack, and gently pull the ends to meet each other. Your bags will magically open to form a beautiful star! Press the bags together where you put the “T” of glue, and hold the bags together until they’re adhered.


Punch a hole in one of the points of your star, and thread a piece of string through for hanging.

Paper Bag Star

Happy crafting!!

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