Clippy Christmas Ornaments

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Turn wooden clothespins into festive clip-on ornaments. Perfect Christmas kids' craft!

Turn a humble clothespin into a sweet Christmas ornament with a little paint, and some craftiness!


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


To begin, paint your clothespins brown for gingerbread men, and white for snowmen. Let dry.


On the top part of the clip, not the ends you pinch together, use your small round brush to paint two pink dots for cheeks. Let dry.


Using your small round brush again, paint a smile on your gingerbread men, and paint a “coal” smile of dots on your snowmen. Let dry.


Paint white dots down the front of the gingerbread men for frosting buttons, and black dots down the front of the snowmen for coal buttons.


Paint white frosting squiggles on the neck and foot area of your gingerbread men.


Cut narrow strips of felt (about 3/8″x 4″), and cut fringe on each end.


Tie loosely into a knot around the neck of each snowman–test to make sure the clip will still open, then glue the loose end over the knot to hold the scarf in place. Cut a short length of orange chenille stem, and use the hot glue to adhere it on the face to be the carrot nose.


To make ear muffs, cut small length of chenille stem, and bend it into a “u.” Glue it onto either side of the head, be sure to only glue it to the front clip, don’t glue your clip together! Glue a pom-pom over each end.


Tie a small length of red and white twine around the neck of each gingerbread man–like the snowman’s scarf, be sure you don’t tie it so tight that you can’t pinch the clip open.

Gingerbread Clothespin Ornament

Now clip your cute ornaments to your Christmas tree branches!

Snowman Clothespin Ornament

Or clip them onto Christmas gifts, or onto bags of Christmas cookies that you’re giving away this season.

Clip on Clothespin Ornaments

Make a bunch of clippy ornaments, and use them to hold your Christmas cards onto a ribbon to display them.

Turn wooden clothespins into festive clip-on ornaments. Perfect Christmas kids' craft!

Happy crafting!

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One thought on “Clippy Christmas Ornaments

  1. Helen

    These are really cute! Will make some as gifts for Christmas – I like items like this for the tree – you don’t have to be a kid just a kid at heart to have these on your tree. Tks for sharing!

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