Yo-Yo Puff Bow

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Sew up a statement bow in any size with a fun tutorial!

Here’s a fun way to make a cute hair bow, and use all of those little fabric scraps you have in your stash.


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


To begin, cut two of the same-sized circles from your fabric. Make the circles about twice the size that you want your finished yo-yo to be. For instance, I cut two 6-inch circles, and my finished yo-yos (before stuffing them) are approximately 3-inches in diameter. Using your needles and thread, sew a running stitch clear around the outer edge of your first fabric circle, about 1/8-inch from the edge. Pull to gather up the circle (good-side out) until it’s like a little pouch, and you have a little hole left in the center. Lightly stuff the yo-yo with a bit of fiberfill stuffing. Pull to close the hole all the way, and stitch shut. Repeat with your second fabric circle.


Hold your yo-yos together so the holes are facing out on each one, and whip stitch them together on the edge for a short distance. This will be the center of your bow, and will be hidden. Unfold your yo-yos, and lay them flat.


Cut a small square of the same fabric you made the yo-yos from.


Fold the fabric in half, right-side out, and glue the open edge together with a line of hot glue.


Roll the glued seam to the center of the tube that you’ve formed, and press flat with your fingers.


Wrap the flattened tube you’ve made around the center of your yo-yo bow, covering the stitched center seam. Use hot glue on the back to secure it in place.


Cut a small strip of felt. Open your alligator clip, and glue it onto the flat side of your clip. Glue the felt covered part of the clip to the back of your yo-yo bow.

Sew a DIY hair bow with fabric scraps

These bows are cute big, and small. You may even choose to not stuff them, or to put the side with the hole facing out, so it looks like a fabric yo-yo.

Happy crafting!

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