Washi Tape Wood Spoons

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Create colorful wood spoons in no time to keep for yourself or give as gifts

Create colorful and unique wooden spoons in no time using washi tape! You’ll be so surprised how quick these are to create and how easy it is to add a little bit of your personality to your kitchen.

Colorful wooden spoons for an add-on gift or your own kitchen

I think these would be a great add-on gift for the holiday season. Especially if you’re making those fun cookie in a jar gifts. Add a colorful wood spoon for a little extra personality!

What You Need:

How to Make Them:


Use your ruler and pencil to measure and mark where you would like to add your tape stripes. Make sure you know how thick your washi tape is so the stripes can be evenly spaced. Make sure that your tape doesn’t go all the way up the handle. Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge is not food safe, so you don’t want any part that has the tape to touch food.


Place a strip of tape on your cutting mat and use your craft knife to cut evenly and straight across about every 1 1/2 inches.


Wrap the tape in stripes around the handle, making sure they are straight and that the ends are secure.


Seal the tape with a couple of thin layers of Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge. Let them cure for 28 days.

Create colorful wood spoons in no time to keep for yourself or give as gifts

Once they’re cured, add them to a housewarming gift or use to make your next batch of cookies!

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