Caramel Apple Earrings

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By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

Make your own polymer clay earrings for fall!

Caramel Apples have always been a Halloween/Fall favorite of mine. Make your own caramel apple earrings to add a little fun to your fall wardrobe. Warning: you may experience caramel apple cravings while wearing these realistic beauties.


What you need:


STEP 1: Roll out 2 equal sized balls of green clay.

STEP 2: Press a small nail head into clay to make a dimple (or use clay detail tools).

STEP 3: Use a toothpick to create the apple’s curves. Vertically place the tip of the toothpick in the center of the dimple and press gently to make a curve. Make 4 – 5 indentions/ curves.

STEP 4: Use your fingers to roll/ shape the bottom of the apple so it is a little skinnier than the top. (The dimpled side is the top of the apple)


STEP 5: Trim eye pins and toothpicks for the caramel apple stick handles. Set clay apples off to the side in a baking pan.

STEP 6-7: Dip the toothpicks in some Liquid Fimo and insert them in the center of the apple dimples. Dip your eye pins in some Liquid Fimo and insert them a little off to the side of the toothpicks. This will help form a strong bond and prevent them from falling out.

*Take care not to get Liquid Fimo on your hands. As with working with any new craft material read and follow the instructions and warnings before using a product. Liquid Fimo is a great bonding agent when working with clay and can be used in many different ways.

STEP 8: Roll out some tan clay for chopped nuts. *Optional: Brush on shaved brown chalk pastel or charcoal to one side of the tan canes for extra detail

PRE-BAKE:  I used Sculpey III which bakes at 275 and pre-baked my apple for 5 minutes and the tan canes for chopped nuts for 3 minutes. While your letting your work cool after baking, lower your oven temp to 265 since we will be working with Liquid Fimo next. *overheating Liquid Fimo can cause harmful gasses to be produced please bake safely.


STEP 9: Cut thin slices off your tan canes and set them aside in a small container or your painters palette for later use. (save any extras for later use)

STEP 10: Mix some brown and light tan clay together to produce a caramel color. Combine small bits of caramel clay and Liquid Fimo starting with a 50% – 50% mixture.

STEP 11: Stir, mash and, spread mixture around with a toothpick till it is an even consistency. You will want the mixture to stick to the toothpick and be able to pull up about an inch strand. If your work is too thin, add more clay. If its too thick add more Liquid Fimo. You want something between the consistency of thick caramel (liquid/melted not candies) and peanut butter.

STEP 12: Coat the apples in the “caramel” mixture Using the toothpick as a handle. You can use a toothpick to help apply more to missing spots.


STEP 13: Sprinkle the chopped nuts onto your caramel apples.

BAKE: Your oven should now be pre-heated to 265. Bake for 20 minutes for the Liquid Fimo to cure completely. Failure to completely cure will result in your work staying tacky or sticky.

After letting your work cool use needle nose pliers to attach a jump ring and earring finding to your caramel apples.

I hope you enjoy wearing the fruits of your labor!

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