Create a Fleece Ghost Halloween Pillow

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By General Crafts Contributor Victoria from the blog Dazzle While Frazzled.

DIY 3D Halloween Fleece Pillow by Victoria of Dazzle While Frazzled

Bring a touch of Halloween to your couch with a BOO-tiful ghost throw pillow. The fleece rosettes add a fun 3D ghost-like effect.


Making an Envelope Pillow – Step #1:

There are many different ways to make an envelope pillow as a quick Google search will reveal! However, this is my preferred way to make a quick envelope throw pillow.

Measure the pillow you intend to cover. Mine was 18×18”. Next, lay out your fabric and measure and cut the fabric accordingly, leaving some allowance for hem. In my case, I cut a 19×19” square.


Step #2:

With the remaining fabric, measure and cut out two pieces. One section will be wider than the other. For my pillow, one section measured 14×19” and the other measured 10×19”. Fold down ½” for hem. Pin and sew.


Step #3:

To add a trim, I used a contrasting pattern. Since I was using a ‘fat quarter’ piece, I measured about 4” wide strips. If need be, piece the strips together and sew. No one will ever know!

Pin the trim to the square 19×19” piece by making small pleats every 3-4”. Sew.


Step #4:

With the trim now sewn to the square piece, lay it right side up. Pin the shorter (10”) piece on top of it, right side down. Repeat with the 14” piece, overlapping the two pieces where they meet. Sew.


Turn the pillow right side out. Insert your pillow form.

Adding Fleece Ghost – Step #1:

Lay out your white fleece and cut 2” strips. Fold the individual strips in half and cut small slits along the fold. Roll tightly to make a florette and secure with hot glue. I made 31 white rosettes. I also made five gray fleece rosettes.


Step #2:

Position the individual rosettes onto the pillow in a ghost-like shape. Secure with hot glue.


If desired, add the words “BOO” to the pillow along with some small flower details.

DIY 3D Halloween Fleece Pillow by Victoria of Dazzle While Frazzled

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