How to Make a Bar of Soap Halloween Costume

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By General Crafts Contributor Victoria from the blog Dazzle While Frazzled.

DIY a bar of soap costume in no time.

Are you headed to a couples Halloween costume party this year? Why not go as a bar of soap and a bath puff and take home the coveted Best Costume prize! (The bath puff costume was created by following an online tutorial.)



Step #1:

The bar of soap costume is designed to be worn as a sandwich board. This costume was worn by a man and ended at his waistline. I measured the length from shoulder-to-waist followed by measuring the width from shoulder-to-shoulder.

Lay out the drop cloth fabric, fold it in half, and measure and cut the fabric accordingly. Add a few inches of allowance to the length to account for it being draped over the shoulders. You will want TWO duplicate rectangular pieces.

NOTE: The folded part of the fabric is where the shoulders will be.


Step #2:

Add a hole for the head. You can easily do this by placing a large bowl in the center of the folded fabric and tracing a half circle shape. Cut out this shape in BOTH pieces of the drop cloth.


Step #3:

I choose to call our bar of soap “Zest” and came up with my own font template. (See downloadable font template for you to print and enlarge. Or come up with your own name and font!) Trace the letters onto

TWO pieces of solid green fabric. Pin the words onto ONE piece of the drop cloth, laying the words on either side of the neckline hole you created in Step #2. Cut out.

Stitch on. If you don’t want to deal with a sewing machine and all those curvy letters, you can use fabric adhesive instead.


Step #4:

Unroll the foam and cut TWO rectangular shapes. These pieces should be slightly smaller in width than the drop cloth and be the length from waistline to neckline. You don’t need foam for the shoulder area.

Step #5:

Lay one piece of drop cloth down on a flat surface. Lay the two rectangular pieces of foam on top and place the second piece of drop cloth on top (the piece with “Zest” written on it). The foam will be sandwiched between the two drop cloth pieces. Pin and sew together.


Sew the neckline together.

NOTE: I opted to fold down and sew the raw ends first on each piece of drop cloth prior to stitching it all together. This is not necessary.

Step #6:

Cut pieces of bubble wrap and stitch (or glue) onto the front of the costume in various areas, such as around the neckline or at the bottom.


Use a clear shower cap and add some additional bubble wrap to it. Tape or glue on a yellow rubber ducky to complete the costume.

DIY a bar of soap costume in no time.

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