Ruffled Fabric Roses

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Sew up some pretty roses for accessories or other craft projects.

Create your own beautiful fabric blooms to use in your crafting. Put them on hats, wear them as a brooch, glue them on a hair clip, or fill a bowl with these beauties. How else could you use them in your craft projects?


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


To begin, you will cut rough circles from your fabric. Cut about 12 circles for each flower–you want to start your circles large, and end with your circles about 1/2 the size you started. These circles don’t have to be precise, in fact, making them somewhat irregular in shape and size will result in a much more realistic looking rose.


Light your candle, and begin holding each fabric circle carefully about an inch over the flame–OVER the flame, not IN the flame. You want the fabric to melt and curl from the heat, but not burn. Use caution to keep your fingers away from the melted edge, and keep a dish of water nearby. After melting the edge of the fabric circle, carefully hold the middle over the heat to ripple the center of the circle.


Fold each circle in half, and make a small snip in the center to insert your pearl centers into. Stack your circles from largest to smallest, offsetting them a bit if you desire, to add some interest.


Fold your pearl stamens in half, insert the bunch into the center of the flower, and use your needle and thread to stitch the whole flower together, and secure the stamens. Pinch and stitch the back of the flower to ruffle it more, as you desire.


To tint your rose, water down some acrylic craft paint, and lightly brush it onto the fabric. Let dry.


Create different roses by using more or less petals, and varying the sizes of the circles. Making more petals of the same size will create more of a cabbage style rose, whereas reducing each circle’s size will make a more traditional style rose.

DIY Fabric Roses

Try making tiny roses to glue onto bobby pins (hold the fabric circles with a pair of tweezers), or make large ones for hair clips.

DIY Fabric Roses

Try layering lace, or tulle circles in between your fabric circles.

Sew up some pretty roses for accessories or other craft projects.

Place them on packages, make bouquets or corsages, sew them onto pillows — what else could you do with these lovelies?

Happy crafting!

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