Photo Transfer Flower Pots

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Use Mod Podge Photo Transfer to customize your own flower pots!

While watching Morgan play with Mod Podge Photo Transfer for her World Map, I started to think about what other unique surfaces you could use this to transfer photos to. I decided to give clay a try. I’m always drawn to tiny flower pots and though they would make a great surface to experiment on, and it was really fun!

Store pens or makeup in your own customized flower pot

This craft is a really unique way to personalize a tiny succulent planter, or use them for storage. I filled one of mine with dry beans and am using it in my bathroom to store my makeup brushes and pencils. These flower pots are super addicting to make, so you’ll want to think of lots of ways to use them!

What You Need:

  • Terra Cotta Flower Pots (Mine are 3/12 inches in diameter at the top, this is also the size of the templates. You can try to experiment with a larger size if you want, but the templates will need to be adjusted as well)
  • Mod Podge Photo Transfer
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Clean Sponge
  • Mod Podge Outdoor (optional if you’re not using them as planters)

How to Make Them:

Photo Transfer Flower Pot - Samples2

Photo Transfer Flower Pot - Samples1

Download the PDF with the above images (Tree & Dahlias or Tulips & Ladybug) or the template if you would like to add your own photo and have a good image editing software. Print out the pages you would like to transfer and cut out the shapes.

If you’re trying to add your own images, note that they will need to follow that bend that’s in the template, so you need a software that can transform images along a curve. I found that panorama photos taken with my phone were the perfect size.


You can also cut out the blank template and trace it, but it will look a little strange when wrapped around the pot since that curve will become straight.

Any time you’re adding your own images, make sure to print a reverse version of your image as it will be flipped when you transfer.


Paint the rims of your flower pots with coordinating colors. Let Dry.


Place your cutout on a protected surface and squirt the Photo Transfer Mod Podge directly onto the image. Use your paintbrush to give it a thick layer that completely covers the image.

Starting with one end of the image, and using your finger to smooth, wrap the image around the flower pot. When you start, try to keep it as straight as possible so you’re not forced to move the image around as you apply it to the pot. Once the paper is attached, smooth the entire pot one more time, removing any wrinkles or bubbles. Note that the paper is wet, so it is very delicate at this point, you have to have a pretty light touch when smoothing it out or the paper will tear.

Once all of your photos are attached, let them dry for 24 hours.


Dampen your clean sponge, and gently press it onto the image until the color shows through the paper.


Start rubbing the excess paper off of the image. Keep pressing the sponge onto the paper as needed until the image is completely exposed.


I let my pots dry for a couple of hours before sealing them so I wouldn’t be sealing any water inside. If you’re using your pots as planters or they will be in a wet environment, give them a coat of Mod Podge Outdoor.

Transfer photos right onto cute flower pots for a unique decoration or gift!

Plant tiny succulents or use them as storage!

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