Easy Fabric Hexagon Coasters

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Fabric Coaster tutorial with a free template!

My husband is a card carrying member of the coaster police, which is fine… if you don’t only have stone coasters, a glass coffee table… and a 1 year old. Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of me moving the coasters out of her reach, and the C.P. (Coaster Police) putting them back only to have to stop the 1 year old from banging them on the coffee table. Something had to change, the easy solution fabric coasters!

These coasters are so quick and easy, a whole set could probably be made from start to finish in about an hour.


Here’s what you’ll need:



Start by cutting out your hexagons. For each coaster you will need one large and small hexagon out of the fabric of your choice, and one small hexagon out of batting.

20160821_203221  20160824_202152

Then you will want to layer the pieces or your coaster. Large hexagon (right side down), batting, then small hexagon (right side up).

20160824_202218  20160824_202241

Starting with the top edge, fold it down so it touched the top edge of the small hexagon (about 1/2 inch). Iron.

Then fold it over again so that it overlaps your small hexagon. Iron again. And then if you would like pin it down.

20160824_202317  20160824_202352  20160824_202540

Then go to the next edge and repeat. Continue making your way around the hexagon until there is just one edge left.


Sew all the way around your 5 folded sides of your hexagon. I found sewing close to the inside folded edge gave the coasters a nicer look.

20160824_203319  20160824_203421

Fold the last edge down 2 times (just like before). Iron, pin, then some quick stitches along the inside edge…and VOILA!


Yay, for cute, one year old friend coasters!


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2 thoughts on “Easy Fabric Hexagon Coasters

  1. Gabriella B

    Great project. I tried and love it….especially since it is so easy you can make them up with seasonal fabric.

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