Faux Concrete House Numbers

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Make a cool and natural looking house number plaque in no time with a fun tutorial on Think Crafts.

I live in a duplex without house numbers on the doors, which can be very frustrating for people delivering packages. It turns out that I have very expensive taste in numbers and couldn’t bring myself to spend over $50 on numbers for a house that isn’t permanent. I finally came up with a relatively inexpensive and fun DIY idea and I love the result!

Faux Concrete House Numbers

This house number plaque looks like concrete garden stepping stones and gives a very natural, professional, and eye catching look to your front door with very little effort!

What You Need:

How to Make It:


Water down your acrylic paint and give a nice thin coat over your block to make the wood a little more rich. If you’re using the gallery block, you’ll notice that there is adhesive all the way around the edge. I left the paper backing on it for this step because I decided to cover the adhesive with some washi tape later. You can try to sand off the adhesive if you want the wood to show through, but do that before you paint.


While the block is drying, follow the directions for the painted finishes kit on your paper mache numbers. No need to do the backs, just focus on the front and sides. I’d recommend trying to fill in all of those holes in the numbers too (like the 4 and the 8 for me).


Once everything is dry, use the wood glue to attach the numbers to the block. Try to center them as well as you can. Once the numbers are in place, flip the plaque over on a clean surface and stack a couple of books on top to help keep the numbers secure while the glue dries. Leave at least 30 minutes, but overnight is best.

Once the wood glue is dry cover the entire plaque with a coat of Outdoor Mod Podge. If you’re using the gallery block and washi tape, place the washi tape over the adhesive areas before this step so you can seal the washi tape as well. Let dry.


Use the wood glue to adhere pieces of moss all around the numbers so it looks like they’re sitting on a mossy path. For tiny crevices like the inside of that four, I put a dot of glue on a tiny piece of moss and used the end of a skewer to poke it inside. Let dry.

For extra protection, I gave the entire thing a coat of acrylic sealer.

DIY Faux Concrete House Numbers

Hang your plaque up next to your door and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Faux Concrete House Numbers

  1. Krafty Fix

    Looks great, I just wonder how long the moss will last in that environment? Would it be better if it were artificial, then no risk of it losing its color? There again I have no experience of using it, so I might be missing something!

  2. Joselyn Post author

    I live in a pretty wet part of the world, so I’m not too worried. It’s been up for about a month now, and still looks the same. I’ll be sure to update the post if I find something wrong in the future.

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