Woven Ribbon Barrettes

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create cute ribbon barrettes for back to school!

Create some back-to-school fun with these cute hair barrettes.

Barrette 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Barrette 3

To begin, choose 2 contrasting colors of ribbon. Cut a 3-foot long length from each color. Stack your lenghts of ribbon one on top of the other. Open your barrette, and thread the ribbon stack so the center of the ribbons are under the split metal top, with the ends hanging out either side. Be sure to begin your weaving at the open end of your barrette (where you fasten it closed), rather than the end with the bend, or you’ll have trouble closing your barrette when you’re ready to wear it, because the streamer ends with the beads will be in the way.

Barrette 4

Hold the barrette so you will be weaving down toward the end that bends. The top ribbon in my stack is the pink one. Take the right side and fold the ribbons over the metal pieces on that side, so the purple ribbon on the back shows on the top. Poke the ends through the middle, and pull to tighten and straighten.

Barrette 5

Next, repeat the process on the left side of the barrette, folding the other end of the ribbon over the other metal piece, so the purple ribbon shows. Poke the ends through the middle, and pull to tighten and straighten.

Barrette 6

Push the first ribbon weaves up to cover the top of the barrette. Using the ribbon stack on the right side (which will be the same ribbon pieces that you just folded over from left to right in the previous step), once again fold the ribbon up and over the metal piece on the right side, tuck the ends through, and pull to tighten and straighten. This time your stripes will be the opposite color that you started with.

Barrette 7

Move to the left side, and fold those ends over to the right

Barrette 8

Continue working your weaving pattern down the barrette. Always work right, left, right, left, and your stripes will alternate down the barrette. Hold the ribbons taught to keep your weaving in place, and push the stripes up towards the top as you work, to keep the ribbons snug.

Barrette 9

When you reach the end of the barrette, you should have 2 contrasting tails on each side.

Barrette 10

Tie the ends together in a square knot at the end of the barrette. Thread pony beads onto the streamers, and knot the ends to hold the beads in place.

DIY Woven Ribbon Barrettes

Try making barrettes with your school colors, or the colors of your favorite sports team. Make the streamers long or short, add fun shaped beads, or none at all. These barrettes are fun to personalize, and cute to wear!

Happy crafting!

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