Celebrating 15 Years with a Pinata and a Big Thank You!

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15th Anniversary Number Pinata DIY Tutorial

It’s hard to believe we’re already celebrating our 15th anniversary here at CreateForLess. We all feel so lucky to provide affordable craft supplies and the best customer service to our inspiring community of makers. This has always been our mission, and we are so proud to have stayed true to it for 15 years.

We know that this would not be possible without all of you, so we would like to say Thank You to each and every one of you. Whether you’re a first time customer or have been with us all 15 years, we appreciate your business and can’t wait to continue to help you with all of your creative endeavors.

As a special thank you, we’ve got a couple of fun things for you! Our summer intern, Morgan will be sharing how she made those adorable number pinatas, and head to our Anniversary Drawing for your chance to win a new item every week!

Take it away, Morgan!

It's our 15th Anniversary - Celebrate with us and make a number pinata favor!

Have you ever felt the need to make a miniature pinata? Me neither, but as the CreateForLess intern I tend to do what I’m told. The result? A super cute, “15” pinata full of Hershey kisses that Birdie Bird got to have a photo shoot with! You could use this as a prize, a prop, a party favor, or just experience for making the same thing life-sized!

What You’ll Need:

What To Do:

My first step was to trace the outlines of the number I wanted to use. You can either free-hand this of print it out and trace it like I did.


Be sure to trace two of each number or letter – one for the front and one for the back of your pinata.


After that I cut out the numbers with a craft knife. When you do this, be sure to do it on top of a cutting mat!! I had to use a lot of pressure to cut the cardboard because it was relatively thick, and that will ruin any surface that is not meant to be sliced and diced.


Next I traced and cut the cardboard for the sides. Decide how thick you want your pinata to be (mine was 1.5″ thick). You will need to do this for each edge (e.g. this “1” needed 6 pieces cut for each edge).

IMG_1134If you are making numbers or letters that have all straight edges, just card board will work great for you. If you’re doing a “5”, or any other curvy character, I recommend using either chipboard or a heavy cardstock for the curves. Cardboard is not the prettiest bent, and though the chipboard was a little tough, once I worked it enough it was perfect. 

I then cut these pieces out with a craft knife on a cutting mat. Be sure to keep the pieces for each character separate! With all of those little pieces, it is so easy to get them confused! (I may or may not know from experience…)


Next came the assembly. This part can be as ugly as you like, because it’s all going to be covered. I used a strong masking tape to keep all of my pieces together.


I had to work the chipboard a little bit to get it to bend for me, and pulling it around my finger like so really helped with the narrow parts of the “5”. (Hi Birdie Bird!)


At first I left the tops of both the “1” and the “5” open as little flaps to put the candy into. Afterwards I realized that you probably can’t hit mini pinatas hard enough to break this hardcore tape job, so I ended up taping the tops shut and covering a section of the numbers with tissue paper where I wanted the candy to come out.


I cut the bottom off the “5”, and the top off the “1” (I would have done the bottom, but I had already started wrapping it when I realized my mistake).


Next I wrapped two layers of tissue paper around the the outside where I was not planning to put fringe. I used two layers because the tissue paper I had was pretty thin, and I didn’t want to be able to see my Frankenstein tape job underneath. Cut the tissue paper a little wide and tape it onto the front and back.


Again, this part can be ugly because it’s going to be covered with fringe!


I put the candy inside and covered the sections where the candy was going to come out with more tissue paper. I found some sparkly mod podge in the office and felt compelled to use it. I painted the outside edges with it. This step is pretty but totally unnecessary unless you also love sparkles.


Next was fringe time!! And let me tell ya, there was so much fringe. You’ll probably use more than you think you’ll need, so cut extra. If you use fringe a lot, you should check out this Martha Stewart fringe cutter. I found myself day dreaming about it. I measured the width of my numbers and marked them along the tissue paper.


I free-styled the fringe a bit, and made them all around an inch to an inch and a half tall. I also did two layers of fringe 1.) for coverage and 2.) for a little more dimension.


Once I cut the fringe, it was time to get messy with the glue. For each new layer I applied the glue right above the previous layer.




As a finishing touch, once the glue dried and there was still that ugly glue mark, I covered the top with washi tape to make the numbers look a bit more put together. Annnnd, voila!Celebrate a birthday or anniversary with fun number pinata favors!

Happy 15th birthday to us! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you all!!

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