Coloring Page Jewelry

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Turn your favorite coloring pages into fun jewelry in no time

If you’re as addicted to the adult coloring world as we are, chances are that you have a few pages lying around that are dying to be shown off. That’s why I’ve got this fun tutorial for you so you can turn your masterpiece into a jewelry piece.

Coloring Page Jewelry

You’ll be as addicted to making these jewelry pieces as you are to those coloring books. It’s easy and fun!

What You Need:

How to Make It:


Figure out about what parts of your coloring page you would like inside the bezels. You can trace around the bezels with a dark washable marker so that you can see where to place it when you flip it over. I chose to just have a general area in mind and guess where to place it.


Flip your page over and gently press the front of the bezel into the ink pad and then stamp the bezel on your coloring page. Make sure to wipe off any excess ink on the bezel.


Cut out along the inside line of your stamp. Make sure everything fits and trim where you need to.


Put a small drop of Diamond glaze on the inside of the bezel and swirl it around so it covers the inside. Gently set the coloring page piece on top. Lightly press down.


Fill the bezel the rest of the way with the Diamond Glaze. Lift the bezel off of your surface and let it drop a couple of times to remove any air bubbles. Let it dry overnight.

Coloring Page Necklace

Use a jump ring to attach your pendants to jewelry chain for a fun necklace.

Coloring Page Bracelet

I strung my round bezels with some beads onto a piece of elastic (with knots at either end of the beads to keep them in place) for my bracelet. Enjoy!

A couple of tips for anyone interested:

You can see that my jewelry is a little more faded, which I kind of like, but if you want your coloring pages to stay vibrant, I bet a nice coating of an acrylic spray would prevent the Diamond Glaze from washing it out.

I also highly recommend that you follow the tips on the Diamond Glaze bottle for preventing bubbles. My first one had tons of bubbles in it, but then I read the directions and didn’t have any in my next two.

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