Kids Crafts: Clouds & Rain

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In just 21 years of life, I have managed to live in two of the rainiest places in the world: Portland, Oregon and Southern Ireland. And yes, I love it. 55 degrees and drizzly is my “sunny and 75”. So, whether your kiddos love cloudy skies and the sound of rain like myself, or they’re stir crazy and stuck inside because of it, I have some crafts for them!

Homemade Rainsticks

Is there a sweeter sound than rain falling? Not likely. With this fun craft you can hear that pitter-patter whenever your heart desires, plus it doubles as an instrument for whenever your kiddos want to put on a concert!

Cloud Mobile

How cute is this little clouds face? Save this craft for a rainy day (heh heh heh) then hang it on your walls or windows to make those big gray clouds outside seem a little brighter.

Weather Sensory Bottles – Twodaloo

These sensory bottles include rain and clouds, AND don’t exclude the other main types of weather! This crafty mama from Twodaloo has her kiddos use these bottles to describe the days weather. Fun to make, cute to look at, and educational, all in one!

Weather Mobile – Buggy and Buddy

This looks like a spring day in Ireland. I’m pretty sure I’ve even witnessed all of those within the same hour… Hang this cute mobile above your kiddos bed or in their play room to show off their creative talent. I love that the crafters from Buggy and Buddy used a tree branch, it gives it such a cool effect!

Stained Glass Rain Clouds – Thirty Handmade Days

It’s not normally sunny of a rainy day, (kind of a “duh” statement, but sometimes it actually is in Oregon!) but it is often bright! These “stained glass” rain drops will brighten up the gray overcast light that likes to blind you on dreary days.

Little Cloud Painting – Kids Activities Blog

Don’t worry, I have a project for your littlest crafters too! Cotton balls are infinitely fun to paint with, and they give a super cool, almost cloud-like, effect! If they’re a little older and better with markers, they can even add cute little faces to the clouds like some of the crafts above!

Now whether it’s a rainy day or not, you and your munchkins have some fun crafts to keep your hands busy!

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