Super Easy No-Sew Tutu

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Super easy to make tutu with limited sewing.

Every little girl needs a tutu, I think it is a requirement for a princess, and I knew E needed one for her birthday party to go with her crown.  This No-Sew (okay, there is the teeniest, tiniest, little bit of hand sewing) to so quick and easy to make, you will want to make your little girl, or yourself, one for every occasion.


Here’s what you’ll need:



Start by measuring the waist of the person the tutu is for, then take off two inches.  This will be the length that you want to cut your elastic.  Then simply hand sew the ends of the elastic together (if you really are against sewing, you can just tie the ends together.)

20160629_140135  20160629_140533

Next determine how long you want your tutu to be, I chose 8 inches. (If you look on Pinterest there are all kinds of charts that will give you suggestions for how long to cut your elastic and tutu lengths by age.). Now for an easy way to cut the tulle. Cut a piece of cardboard to be about 12 inches wide, by the length you want your tutu (for me it was 12 x 8 inches). Then, wrap your tulle around the board. One complete wrap around the board will be one strip of tulle for the tutu. I wanted a full skirt, so I wrapped around the board 30 times. Then I cut the tulle along the side of the cardboard that I started wrapping on. Voila, 30 strips of 16 inch long tulle quick and easy.

Repeat with any additional colors.

20160629_142039  20160629_142052

20160629_142115  20160629_142820

Put your elastic around the cardboard, to hold it. Fold the tulle in half behind the elastic (to form a loop), pull the ends up through the loop, and pull tight to form a slip not. Repeat until all the elastic is covered with tulle.


Fluff, and then you are done!



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