Glittery First Birthday Crown

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My daughter’s first birthday is quickly approaching, I can’t believe how quickly time flies. While Pinteresting one day for ideas for her party, I saw these crowns and just knew she HAD to have one, plus it gave me a chance to use those iron-on glitter sheets I have been eyeing for awhile.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Start by printing out the template and cut out the shapes from the felt and glitter sheets. I actually cheated a little, and just cut out the crown shape from the glitter sheet, then ironed it onto the full piece of felt. Then trimmed the extra felt away.


To iron on the glitter, heat your iron to a medium setting. Place your cut out piece onto your fabric, dull side down (against the fabric). Place a paper towel over the glitter, and iron over the glitter for 30 seconds or until the edges adhere. Then remove the plastic coating layer, which was not the easiest thing. I then repeated this process for the number 1.

20160623_115939  20160623_120040

Then glue the number onto the center of your crown.


Grab a needle and thread and stitch the two ends together to create a circular crown.


To finish attach your elastic cord. (My elastic cord was a little thin so I actually twisted 2 colors together.) Tie knots on both ends and then use those knots to attach the cord to the crown by stitching through them a few time.  Then CELEBRATE! You have a crown perfect for you little prince or princess.


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