Watermelon Placemats

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

DIY some watermelon placemats for your next barbecue!

With just a few supplies, and very easy effort, make these sweet watermelon placemats for your summertime entertaining.

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Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Woven Circle Placemats, pink or red (Mine came from the dollar store, but they are easily avaliable this time a year at most department stores).
  • Acrylic Craft Paint, light green, dark green and black.
  • Paint Brushes.

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To begin your placemats, paint a light green band all around the edge of your circle to look like the watermelon rind.  Let dry.

Melon 4

Add dark green stripes onto the light green band.  If you want your stripes to have softer edges, paint them onto the light green paint while it is still wet, and blend with the your paintbrush.  Let dry.

Melon 5

Using a small brush and your black paint, paint a band of seeds around the middle of your pink circle.  To make a seed shape, paint a small circle, and then put a triangle on top of it to form a teardrop shaped seed.  Let dry.

Melon 6

With very little time, or effort, you now have cute placemats that are sure to make your summer entertaining that much sweeter!

Melon 7

Happy crafting!

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