Patriotic Ring Toss

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Create a lawn game to keep you entertained all day for the 4th of July!

Nothing is better than celebrating the 4th of July with good weather and some outdoor fun. The ladies at CreateForLess have put together a tutorial for a patriotic ring toss to keep young and old alike occupied until it’s dark enough to light off some fireworks.

DIY Ring Toss Game

What You Need:

What You Do:


Start by creating a solid white base. The dowels took a couple of coats to get a good finish, so be sure that you have enough white spray paint!


The next step is to mark the length of 4 inches for the star spangled part, and then mark 1 inch intervals on the rest of the dowels for the red and white stripes. For the 1 inch intervals, I measured the marks on both sides so I would have something to match the tape with while I was wrapping it around.


The next step is to tape off the parts you want to have as the white stripes. We used masking tape, because that’s what we had laying around the office, but it peeled off some of the white paint below and bled a little, so I would recommend using painters tape for less chance of major touch-ups. Space the tape around the rings as evenly as you can. Using 1 inch tape, 5 stripes is the most that will fit. I taped off my first one by making a triangle, then taping the other two sides evenly. For the rest I simply used the first as a reference.


Next add your star stickers to the 4 inch area. I placed mine without rhyme or reason, just where they looked cute!


Next is the fun part – painting! Using a sponge brush was quick and easy.


It took two coats of both the red and the blue paints to get an even and bright finish.


While the dowels dried, I spray painted the rings. We did 5 red and 5 blue – one color for each team. These spray paint minis were perfect for the job. They only took one coat on each side, the colors were vibrant, and there was a perfect amount.


Once everything was fully dried I went ahead and removed the tape and star stickers. With all of the paint on them, the star stickers we’re a little tough to remove, so I had to use a sharp pencil to push an edge up before I could peel them off. As I mentioned before, the masking tape we used took off a bit of the white paint with it, so I used acrylic paint and a soft paint brush to touch up the white stripes. Once the paint is dry, cover everything with a coat of acrylic spray to help protect the game from nicks and scratches.

Patriotic Ring Toss

Simply stick the dowels in the ground however far apart you like and have fun! This is a perfect game for a beach day because it’s easy to tote around and can be adjusted to fit any skill level!

DIY Patriotic Ring Toss Game

Now you have a fun game that’s perfect for celebrating Independence Day! Play with teams or by  yourself. You can set up a point system if you want to keep track, 5 points if you get the ring over the dowel, and one point if your color is closest to the post once they’re all tossed.

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