Kids’ Crafts: June Bugs

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Growing up, my sister loved bugs. I once got swarmed by angry hornets and all she cared about was that one had gotten trapped in the window and she could dissect it. So, if you have some kiddos that are anything like my sister, I have some crafts for you today that don’t involve anything that will buzz, bite, or sting!


Butterfly Footprints

Few things are cuter than baby feet, and baby feet covered in paint and dressed up as a butterfly in one of them. The best thing about making this craft in the summer time? You can send the kids out to play in the sprinkler to wash up!

Lady Bug Plant Marker

Label or simply decorate your garden and vegetable patch with your kids artwork. Cute, easy and fun, this plant marker doesn’t have to be limited to just ladybugs. Get creative and make some bumble bees, beetles, and maybe even a potato bug!

Pom Pom Caterpillars

I don’t like many bugs, but I do enjoy caterpillars, which is why I “awww”‘d in the office when I saw this craft. Set these little buggers on display, use them to up your clothing line’s cuteness factor, or glue a magnet strip to the back to hang up your kiddos pieces of art with their other pieces of art!

Bow Tie Butterflies – Crafty Morning

I love finding new uses for certain items, and this pasta craft is no exception! Your kids will love getting to decorate their own butterflies with whatever colors and patterns they choose. The best part about this craft other than how adorable it is? You probably already have all of the supplies in your cupboards!

Buggles – Making Life Blissful

You may be wondering what in the world a “buggle” is. My answer to you, avid reader and crafter, is an exceptionally cute use of googly eyes. This Blissful mama has tins for their safe keeping and easy transportation, and they can be used for trading, gifts, and distractions for restless hands.

Garden Dragonflies – Artzy Creations

At the rate that I’m featuring googly eyes, I should probably rename this post, but… C’mon, how cute are these?! They can be displayed in so many different ways, and I’m sure your kiddos will love adding their personal touch to the wings! I could see these hanging as an outdoor mobile, where they’d really come to life every time the wind blows and their wings flutter.

If my own mother had seen some of these crafts when my sis and I were little, I like to think I wouldn’t have been chased around by so many real bugs by my insect-obsessed older sister. But hey, that’s what being a young sister is all about… Right?

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