Gelatos Painted Pillow

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Paint a Sunflower Pillow with Gelatos!

Make some fun custom throw pillows with your own art on them for your couch, favorite chair, or patio swing.

Pillow 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Pillow 3

To begin, iron out any creases in your pillowcase, and place a piece of thick paper or cardboard inside the pillowase, to protect the backside from any paint leaking through (mine didn’t seep through at all, but I still think this is a good precaution).  Next, decide on your design, and begin sketching your design onto your pillowcase with the Gelatos.

Pillow 4

Continue layering colors, working on your background colors first.

Pillow 5

Next, dip one of your flat brushes into the textile medium, and begin blending your colors together.  Use more medium, and brush harder if you want a more blended look, or just lightly brush or dab the medium over your lines if you want to preserve the “hand drawn” look of your line.  It’s up to you how much you blend the pigments, just be sure every line is covered with the textile medium.

Pillow 6

Pillow 7

Continue building your design, letting each layer dry before you draw on top of it.

Pillow 8

I suggest working in layers, beginning with your lightest, and then finishing with black, if you’re using it–black can tend to muddy your colors if you blend it around too much in the beginning.

Gelatos Painted Pillow

This technique is simple and fun, and can produce results that look like anywhere from watercolors to line-drawings, depending on how much you choose to blend the colors.   The only thing to remember is that your colors must be covered with a layer of textile medium, either by blending with your brush, or gently brushing over the lines.

Paint a Summer Pillow for Outdoor Furniture

Set your textile medium according to the directions on the bottle.

This is a seriously fun project!  The Gelatos blend nicely with the textile medium, and give some very pretty results.  The final surface of the pillow feels a lot like soft vinyl, or the kind of fabric that’s used for outdoor patio furniture cushions.  It’s not too stiff, and wipes off easily with a damp rag, if need be.  I foresee a whole bunch of new pretty pillows for my patio swing this summer!  I hope you’ll try making some fun pillows too!

Happy crafting!

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3 thoughts on “Gelatos Painted Pillow

  1. cmt

    Love this! Looks like so much fun. Great way to get custom textile designs for your home.

  2. Brittany Patin

    I think this is so cute. Thanks for all the photos, it helps see how to do this. 🙂

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