Mini Resin Frames

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Make a few little frames for your desk or nightstand with an easy and fun tutorial

I love having pictures up all over my house but have lately run out of wall space and surfaces to display them. I have all of these fun pictures I want to look at still, so I decided to downsize a few and create colorful frames to keep on my desk.

Resin Mini Frames

This tutorial is super easy and a great intro to resin crafting. I love the pops of color you can create by painting them, and they’re small enough to display a lot of pictures in just a little space. They would be great to mail to a long distance loved one, or take with you on a trip so you’ll have a picture of someone you miss.

What You Need:

How To Make It:


Trim your photos to fit inside your molds. Mine were cut to 2 x 3 inches. Remove the photos, you’ll want to put them in during the next step.


Carefully read the directions for your resin and mix accordingly. (You’ll have to work quickly, which is why I don’t have photos). Pour a little resin into the bottom of your mold, before you put the photo in. Make sure it covers the bottom of your mold. Place the photo inside, and pour a little more resin in. Fill up the mold as high as you like, depending on  your personal preference. Mine were about 3/4 full.

Repeat with the rest of your photos. If you see bubbles, you can use a hair dryer on hot or a butane torch to remove them. Allow the resin to completely cure according to instructions. I had to wait 72 hours.


Once your frames are completely cured, Pop them out of the mold. If you like the way they look now, you’re all done! If you want to add a little more color like me, follow the next step.


Lay painter’s tape across the face of your frame right along the edge of the resin. as pictured above. I used a craft knife to cut off excess tape and leave a nice, crisp edge. Paint them however you like with your enamel paint.

DIY Resin Frames

Once the paint is completely dry, remove the tape, and enjoy your new frames! They could also make cute paperweights!

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