Birds on a Wire Garland

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Make a paper garland to hang photos

I must have birds on the brain lately. I love waking up to the chirping of the birds outside my window, it’s one of my favorite things about spring. I decided to create a fun and easy craft to bring the birds inside my home as well.

Birds on a Wire Photo Garland1

This garland is easy to make and would be a fun way to decorate for a birthday party, a wedding, or just your home. You can hang some of your favorite photos or your child’s art. Switch it out whenever you like!

What You Need:

How to Make It:


Print out the template onto your cardstock. I printed 2 sheets for a total of 10 birds.


Cut out the bird silhouettes. If you have any scuff marks or cuts that still have some white in them, color the birds with a black marker or paint them.


Flip over the silhouettes and lay them out in a straight line as far apart as you would like them to be on your garland. I went for about 8 inches.

Gather your clothespins. Keep them handy, you will want to work quickly.

Cut your twine or yarn to the length of your garland.


From here, you will want to work quickly so that the glue doesn’t dry. Add a drop of glue about 1/2 inch from the bottom of your first bird.

Lay the twine on top of the glue.


Take your clothespin, and press it onto the twine about halfway down. Repeat with each bird.

Photo Garland

Hang up your new garland however you like and add photos, notes, drawings, and more to the clothespins!

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