Driftwood Necklace Hanger

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By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

Display your jewelry on a pretty art piece with this DIY Necklace Hanger

Ever since I was little I have LOVED rearranging furniture. The idea of being in a space and changing the energy of it completely, the feeling of being somewhere new just by shifting a couple things around, the creative freedom you have, the idea of never being fully committed to a layout, seemed almost magical to me when I was a kid and had really no say in the appearance of the space around me. It’s like an art…it’s one of my favorite creative outlets.

There’s a scene in that awful Mandy Moore/Diane Keaton rom-com “Because I Said So” where the two of them are moving the very cute furniture in Mandy’s living room around while talking about her love life. I was slightly obsessed with that movie when I was a teen (is seeing it 20 times a couple times too many? No, not when Gabriel Macht is the dreamboat boyfriend, thanks), and that scene always got me really jazzed for the day I had my own place. I couldn’t wait for the time when I could dictate what went where and how often I could change the atmosphere of my home, hopefully while sipping wine and gossiping with friends.

DIY Driftwood Necklace Hanger

Feeling the rearranging itch, my boyfriend and I rearranged our bedroom the other day. I needed to get the bed out of the dark corner it lived in (no overhead lighting!) and in front of our window, which was my favorite spot in the room but going totally unused. My boyfriend agreed to make this arrangement on one condition: he got to sleep on the side of the bed that would be open to most of the bedroom, and got to decide what the bulk of the bedroom would be used for/how it would be decorated. I very hesitantly agreed, telling myself that I basically decorated the entire apartment, so it was only fair that the bedroom become his “man cave.” He already has a bottle of whiskey on the desk. And although I don’t necessarily agree with how his side looks right now, I was very excited to fully redecorate my little corner and turn it into a pseudo “jewelry box” of sorts. Enter my very much needed Urban Outfitters necklace hanger knock-off, with a twist.

What you will need:

After all was said and done, I spent a grand total of $3.50 on this craft. All I needed to buy were the hooks. However, if you’re not a weirdo driftwood hoarder like I am and don’t know where to find it, think riverbanks, lakes, or if you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, obviously you have a well of driftwood options on your hands, fo’ free! If you want to buy driftwood, you can find it on Etsy, at aquarium shops, and many craft/hobby shops carry it as well.

Start by deciding which side of your driftwood will be the front. This is the shape of the piece I used.


It’ll look best if you go with something that curves. Next, mark where you want your first hook to go by poking a large hole in the wood with the end of the screw.


Measure equal distances from the first hole to the middle of your piece of wood and keep marking where your screws will go. Once all your holes are marked, start screwing your hooks in.



I have six hooks pictured here, but I ended up taking one out after realizing I wanted my yarn to hang from the center, not a hook.

To wrap your yarn around the piece of driftwood, cut a long piece of yarn, about 2 1/2 times longer than you will want the yarn to hang once attached. Fold it in half and put the looped end behind the piece of wood.


Bring the loop over the piece of wood and pull the two loose ends through the loop, like this:


Pull tight.


If your piece of driftwood is pretty thick, you’re going to want to keep that in mind when cutting your yarn. The thicker your piece of wood, the longer your piece of yarn will need to be.

Continue wrapping the wood in yarn using this method until the entire right side is covered in a thick curtain. Then hang your piece of wood or lay it flat and cut the ends of the yarn at an angle, so it will look like this:


To hang the piece:

Tie one end of your rope around the end of your wood, staying close to where the yarn hangs.


Lay the tail of the knot against the wood, and begin wrapping the rope over the knot and tail until you get about 2 inches from the tip of the wood. Loosen the second to last loop of the rope, and pull your working rope through the loop to create a knot.


Leave a large amount of rope loose (this is the piece of the rope you will hang your necklace hanger from, so keep that in mind when deciding how long to make it) and wrap the working yarn around the other end of the piece of wood twice, creating another knot on the second loop, like this.


Once again, wrap the rope around the wood until you are about 2 inches from the end. As before, pull the rope through the second to last loop to make a knot, then cut the rope with about 8 inches to spare. Tie the end of the rope to the loose piece on the other side (where the rope begins to wrap around this side of the wood).


If your necklace hanger is hanging lower than you would like, tie a couple knots in the middle of the hanging rope.


Almost done! I wanted to add some metal/shine to the side of the hanger with the yarn, since I would have shiny necklaces hanging from the other side. To do this, I added some long pieces of thin copper wire to the hanger, wrapping them around the wood the same way I did the yarn.


Hang, add your necklaces, and admire your craftiness!

DIY Driftwood Necklace Hanger

Even if this little corner is all I have in the bedroom, it’s really all I need. And hopefully its cuteness will make up for the lack of girly touches in the rest of the bedroom. Enjoy!

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