Pallet Wall Sign for Spring

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Think spring by creating your own cheerful pallet sign!

Think spring by creating your own cheerful pallet sign!

Nest 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

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Nest 3

To begin, use a large paintbrush to paint the front, and edges of the pallet with the “New Life” chalk paint.  Let dry.

Nest 4

Using the same large brush, apply a coat of “Refreshing” chalk paint over the top of the first layer of paint.  Use a small amount of paint on the brush, and light strokes, to create a rough “dry brush” finish to the top layer of paint–let the dark green under layer show through in some areas so you create a distressed/aged paint finish.  Let dry.

Nest 5

Print Nest Words PDF onto two sheets of paper.  All the pallet signs are going to be slightly different, so practice lining up the words on the boards until you know how you want to position them.  I suggest laying your stick onto the sign at this point, and decide how you want to your words to be in position to the stick.  You can lay the paper onto the board and gently crease the paper along the edges of the board to help you figure out their positioning.  Once you are happy, lay the sheet of graphite paper under the sheet of paper with the words, and use your pencil to firmly trace the words onto the board.

Nest 6

Using a small round brush and the dark chocolate acrylic, fill in your traced words.  Let dry.

Nest 7

Hot glue the branch onto the board in the position you determined above.

Nest 8

Using your hot glue, glue some feathers into the bottom of the nest.  Glue the eggs into the nest.  I chose to glue one of the spotted feathers to the tail of my bird, so she matched the nest.

Nest 9

Glue the nest onto the branch.  Glue the flowers and bird onto your sign.  I finished my sign by painting a border around the edge, and a few little other embellishments.

Nest 10

Hang your sign by either adding a sawtooth hanger to the back, or just put a nail in the wall and hang your sign by one of the slots between the boards.

Happy crafting!

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