Featured Crafter: Vicki’s Memory Bears

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Featured Crafter: Vicki's Memory Bears

Vicki Andrews knows how precious old clothes and fabrics can be. She transforms old items with treasured memories into pieces that can match the beauty within these memories. If you’ve got an old piece that no longer holds a purpose, but you can’t bear to give up, head to Vicki’s Memory Bears and let Vicki give your item a new life.

Featured Crafter: Vicki's Memory Bears

Memory Bears started in 2002.   I have been creating at a sewing machine for 50+ years.  I have always sewn for others, office suits, wedding dresses, christening gowns, etc.  Basically retired from the garment sewing, except for family.  I love all fabrics and the over 1,000 Memory Bear orders have provided opportunities to utilize many varied pieces.

Featured Crafter: Vicki's Memory Bears

The Bears are in 30 States, Canada, Australia and Scotland.  Customers often do not know me and are trusting me with something very precious to them, so I work from a “Leap of Faith” and do not require a deposit or prepayment.  I have always been paid.

Featured Crafter: Vicki's Memory Bears

The Memory Bears are not always Bears – I also make Monkeys, Elephants, Dogs, Horses, Penguins,  Giraffes and others.

Memory Bears 5

I love what I am doing.  Every Bear has a story and a history.

Vicki has also been featured on New Day Cleveland, check out her story!

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