Free Stuff Friday!!

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Happy Friday, all! We are so excited to give away yet another fabulous prize! This week’s winner will receive this Pretty Little Prize Pack.


This pack includes 3 Pretty Little Sewing Books: Pretty Little Cozies, Presents, and Patchwork. You’ll have 93 projects to sew!

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winner and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of week: What’s the biggest mess you’ve made while crafting?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “leave a comment” or “replies”.

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24 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Cathy M T

    I cringe when I think of my studio–it’s always a mess. The cards I work on tend to leave trimmings of paper everywhere and embossing powder is hard to contain. I know you’d love hear of the time I knocked over the embossing powder jar, but thankfully that hasn’t happened yet. I’m hyper aware of the possibility so I take my time with it. Sewing leaves a fine layer of threads fabric trimming everywhere, and the odd pin that gets away. I avoid glitter altogether–that’s a disaster waiting to happen. No funny stories, just the specter of a sadly disorganized person.

  2. L. Ann

    After making a huge dog bed for my brother’s pup, I foolishly attempted to stuff it on a high static day. Fiberfill stuck to me and everything in the area. Aaagghhh!

  3. barb macaskill

    A friend had stopped by and was looking at my bling which was stacked quite high. She reached up to pull one down and the whole stack came tumbling down! and many of the cases broke! There was bling EVERYWHERE and we were still finding it 3 years later when we moved!! It took hours to clean up!!! UGH!

  4. Gabriella B

    Before I answer the question I would like to say thanks for featuring these books I have not seen these before they look great. As far as the biggest mess goes. It was modge podge and red acrylic paint. I was reaching for my coffee cup and knocked the modge podge off the front of my desk it hit the carpet and I jumped up to go clean it and smacked my chair into my desk which made the red paint tip off the side and onto the carpet. I was able to clean up the modge podge but the Acrylic paint stained and I rearranged craft room and put file cabinet on top of stain before husband got home. It is still like that and when we go to sell this house I will have some explaining to do.

  5. Mary Mac

    My biggest mess !!!! I spilled a gallon of bright red paint on my basement floors. It still looks like a crime scene.

  6. mare williams

    WELL, that’s a hard one, since I’m always messy! The LARGEST mess I think I have made while crafting is when I THOUGHT the lid on my Mod Podge was on tight, but it wasn’t…..and I shook it for all I was worth! You can imagine just how many hours it took to clean our new hardwood floor!! and wall…. AND, it also splotched ALL OVER my shirt, which was never removable, so the shirt became a crafting shirt!!

  7. Nancy D

    Creative people always are messy. That being said…the biggest messes I make is when I work with glitter. Everything gets coated, including the dog! And beads, they tend to get away from me! Spilled seed beads are awful to try clean up!

  8. loralie

    determining what is the messiest is hard to do. I would probably have to say that paint projects with my grandchildren would top the list. Messy, but so much fun!

  9. Rosetta Beck

    I was trying to make a seasonal plaque using a tray, chalk board paint, and foliage. I am not good with a spray can. didn’t prep the tray well, didn’t tape the edges securely, and made a complete mess of the whole thing. I will know better next time.

  10. Grandma Karen DiCarlo

    I just love the mess paper crafting and scrap booking make. It’s a fun mix of pretty paper trimmings, edited photos, sticky things, glitter and sparkles. The biggest messes happen when my granddaughters come over and we make things together. They get into it and cut, use markers, stamps, sticker and more. One time the littlest one wanted the glitter and she quickly picked up the jar of glitter and it flew all the three of us. In our hair and everywhere. So funny we all giggled and more importantly sparkled!

  11. Desi

    Wow, that’s a big question, almost as big as the mess I make attempting to make doll clothes.
    Yuip…it’s a mess, but a very fun, creative one!

  12. Angela A

    Biggest mess I made was when I had my desk, my craft table, my sewing table and even some of the floor covered in scrapbooking supplies! Well worth it though, since I got alot done that weekend! 🙂

  13. Karen

    The biggest messes that I make are when I have pieces of thread everywhere in my sewing room! All over me and especially my carpet!

  14. Evan

    I made a big mess when I made a fancy card and there were little pieces of paper everywhere!

  15. Janet M

    Left over threads that get tangled and left over the floor and gobs of glue that are hard to remove from my table are my worst messes.

  16. Karey

    The biggest mess I’ve ever made crafting was this time I found some blue furry fabric that I made into cookie monster pillow cases. But the fabric shed so badly everywhere when cute. I had blue fuzz everywhere – including in my nose!! It was crazy!

  17. Rebecca Rivera

    Glitter on shoes, dresses, and hair, and body..
    I’m still finding red glitter on the carpet from last years Halloween costume.
    I’ve even found glitter in the Cheerios.
    Yes Glitter makes the biggest mess and the longest to clean up.

  18. Savanna Zachgo

    I had a project that I decided to use spray glue on. Not only did it glue my project but also left sticky spots on hands, arms, feet, and floors that took weeks to completely clean up.

  19. Virginia Perry

    I turned over the entire melting pot of hot, melted wax. Went all over the counter top and into the drawers.

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