DIY Felt Whale Bookmark

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By Guest Blogger Dea from the blog Lo Hice Yo

Dea shares gorgeous craft tutorials and free patterns on Lo Hice Yo. With cute felt projects, sewing patterns, and plenty of other DIY ideas, you’ll be sure to find inspiration on her blog.

Create this cute felt bookmark with this tutorial from Dea of Lo Hice Yo!

I love whales, though I have never seen one in my life. I love reading, too.  Thus, why not combine both whales and reading together and create a whale bookmark? I am using felt fabric for my whale because felt is easy to work with. Now don’t worry about the templates because here you will make your own felt templates.



Felt Whale Bookmark

  1. Get all the materials you need.
  2. Draw a whale, two fins, and two small circles. Remember to make a 90º angle for the whale so you can easily slip it in your book.
  3. Cut all the pictures. These are your templates.
  4. Trace each template onto felt with a pen/pencil. Make sure to flip your templates to make the left or right side of your whale.

Felt Whale Bookmark

  1. Cut all your felt templates. Remember, you will need 2 left-sided whale, 2 right-sided whale, 1 left fin, 1 right fin, and 2 circles.
  2. Stitch the fins onto each whale sides.
  3. Stitch the mouth.
  4. Place the eyes on each whale sides.

Felt Whale Bookmark

  1. Use hot glue to stick the circles on each cheek.
  2. Place both left-side whale together. Secure with a pin. Repeat the same process with the right-sided whale.
  3. Stitch ONLY the top side of each whale.
  4. Now, place both sides together (the left and right sides). You will have four whales at this moment. Stitch the bottom side of the whale.

Felt Whale Bookmark

That’s it! Your whale bookmark is now ready to swim among your books. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Let me know if you make one yourself.

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