Heart & Lollipop Valentines Favors

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By General Crafts Contributor Sammy from the blog Seriously, Sammy?!

Paper Flower Valentines made from little paper hearts!

And JUST LIKE THAT! It’s February!

When my oldest niece (now 15!) Crystal was a Kindergartner, we made these Heart & Lollipop Valentines Flowers and we had so much fun. If you’re looking to create something with your young ones (and old ones for that matter), this is a fun and easy one. They also make for a great card as opposed to the typical cards you find at the local store. This idea came from Martha Stewart’s site, and I tweaked a few things here and there.

Here’s what you need:

  • Card stock or Construction paper
  • Hole punch (I found the standard size to be rather large so I used a smaller one)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (only if you need to, I didn’t)
  • Lollipop
  • Ribbon (this is optional, and I used this in lieu of glue to hold the petals/ hearts together)
  • Pen (I use my favorite colors)


1. Use card stock to make a half-heart template about 3 inches high and 1 1/4 inches wide. Fold a 12-by-3 1/2-inch piece of construction paper in half vertically, and trace four half-hearts along the fold.


2, Cut out hearts; unfold.


3. Stack hearts; punch a hole 1/4 inch up from bottom. Position petals to form a flower, making sure holes line up. Secure by applying glue around holes; let dry.  Or you can secure it using a piece of ribbon and tying a bow (this can act as the stem, so I used a sage green) Write name on a petal. Insert lollipop.

Paper Flower Valentines

Have a Sweet February, friends! And if you make this…let me know how it goes!

Create your own cute Valentines Flowers from paper hearts!

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I try to look at other resources, options, and if I don’t like what’s available, I often make it. I enjoy many different types of crafts. Wreath making, gift wrapping, card making, making ornaments, floral arrangements, making crepe paper flowers, it’s an endless list! When I am not busy crafting up things up for my sixteen nieces and nephews (yes, sixteen!), I am busy blogging at Seriously, Sammy?! and planning for my wedding. Speaking of which, my latest obsession includes wedding DIYs!!! I currently reside in Los Angeles where I am a sales consultant. I also struggle with a serious weakness for nachos. Seriously, the struggle is real.

2 thoughts on “Heart & Lollipop Valentines Favors

  1. Mrs. Barbara Hanobik

    I am 78yrs young and have made many various crafts for my 5 children, grandchildren and friends. When I saw
    these cute Valentine Heart & Lollipop Valentines, I new I had to try to make some for my friends, grown children,
    grandchildren and Great grandchildren. They will just love them. Thank you for sharing. Respectfully Mrs.
    Barbara Hanobik of Brook Park Ohio.

  2. Sammy Tang

    Mrs. Barbara Hanobik,

    Your gratitude just found a way to my heart, Thank YOU! I get so much joy in hearing how crafting continues to bring you joy and how your creations manage to touch so many of the dear people in your life. Thank you so much for your feedback and validating how crafting is heart work.

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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