Valentine’s Day Cuties Wall Hanging

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Valentine's Day Cute Wall Hanging

Create a cute wall hanging for Valentine’s day and more with this fun no-sew project. They’re a fun way to decorate your home for this time of year, or hang them in a little girl’s room!

Cuties 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Cuties 3

To begin, choose your background fabric for each hoop, and then insert the fabric into each hoop, stretching it until it is nice and taught.

Cuties 4

Trim the extra fabric around the edges, and then turn the edges under to the back to hide them, adhering them with hot glue to keep them in place.

Cuties 5

Use your ruler and pencil to mark an 8.5×11-inch rectangle on the paper side of the Heat n Bond.  (You can also just trace around a letter-sized sheet of paper.)  Cut out the rectangle.  Print the Valentine’s Day Cuties Wall Hanging PDF pattern onto the paper side of the Heat n Bond rectangle.  (When printing the PDF, if you don’t wish to print the first page with the colored graphics to use as reference as you work, simply choose only to print “Page 2” in the print options, in order to print only the pattern pieces onto your Heat n Bond.)

Cuties 6

Roughly cut out all of the pieces.

Cuties 7

Following the directions on the package of Heat n Bond for adhering it to fabric, adhere the paper pattern pieces to the colors of fabric noted on each pattern piece.  Be sure to adhere the pieces to the WRONG side of the fabric.

Cuties 8

I suggest working on one hoop at a time, only cutting out the pieces for each design as you need them–the tiny pieces have a tendency to get lost.  Ask me how I know?  Peel the paper backing off of each piece, and layer onto the background beginning with the piece labeled “1,” working upward in numbers.  Refer to the pictures on the first page of the PDF file for pattern piece placement.

Cuties 9

To cut out the letters, especially the middle of the “B,” I suggest using an X-Acto knife.

Cuties 10

I suggest placing your pieces, barely tacking them down with the tip of your iron, and waiting until you’ve assembled the entire picture before using the iron to totally bond it together.  That way you have some wiggle room if you don’t like the placement, or you get something layered on in the wrong order.

Cuties 11

When you’re ready to bond your design together, place your folded towel inside the underneath part of your hoop, and use it to press against as you push down on your iron.  Bond according to the directions on the Heat n Bond.

Cuties 12

Use your hot glue to adhere the hoops onto a length of ribbon, evenly spacing them.  Glue both the top and bottom edge, lining the ribbon up across the middle.

Cupcake Cutie Wall Hanging

Using the 3/8-inch wide ribbon, tie 3 bows, and glue one to the top of each hoop.  Glue some small coordinating pom-poms onto the cupcake to be sprinkles.

Be Mine Cuties Wall Hanging

The colors I suggested are just that, suggestions.

Strawberry Cutie Wall Hanging

Feel free to mix and match colors and patterns to create a design uniquely your own!

DIY Valentine's Day No-Sew Wall Hanging

Happy Crafting!

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