Foxy Crafts

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I’m so excited to see tons of fox crafts all over the internet. Maybe having one of these foxy crafts in my home will keep me from wanting one as a pet. Seriously, I’ve looked in to it, and it’s totally legal to have a pet fox in the state of Oregon.

Fox Applique Artwork

Autumn Applique Artwork

This adorable no-sew project would look so cute in a nursery. Just looking at it makes me feel super cozy.

Fox Playtime Dress - Oliver + S

Fox Playtime DressOliver + S

I’m not sure if I would have ever taken this adorable dress off as a little girl. Even now, I’m kind of wondering if I could pull off wearing a giant fox dress as an adult.

Clay Fox Coasters - Running with a Glue Gun for Blitsy

Clay Fox CoastersRunning with a Glue Gun for Blitsy

I love the way the brush strokes on these coasters look like fox fur. These look super cute and easy to make. They would be a great gift for a fox lover you know.

Crochet Fox Coffee Sleeve Pattern - Jessica Ferrara

Crochet Fox Coffee Sleeve PatternJessica Ferrara

A cute crochet coffee sleeve is sure to brighten up any cold winter morning. It’s a great use for scrap yarn and looks super easy to whip up, even with my extremely minimal crochet skills.

Felt Pinecone Fox - Lia Griffith

Felt Pinecone Fox Lia Griffith

These adorable little fox friends would be a great craft for a girl scout troop or summer camp. Little foxes lined up on a mantle or windowsill would be so cute!

Do you love foxes as much as I do and have a craft to share? I’d love to see! Link up in the comments or send me an email. If you loved these crafts, I’ve shared a few more over on the Craft Trends Pinboard!

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2 thoughts on “Foxy Crafts

  1. Jaimes R

    These are really cute ideas! My daughter loves foxes, and is currently pursuing a degree so that she can study them. They really are adorable.

    However, I feel it’s necessary to correct your statement that some domesticated dogs are descended from foxes. No dog breeds descended from foxes. DNA analysis has shown that domesticated dogs and gray wolves diverged from a common ancestor 40,000 years ago. Foxes are on a completely separate branch of the canid tree. The family Canidae is divided into two tribes: the Canini (dogs, wolves, jackals) and the Vulpini (foxes).

  2. Joselyn Post author

    Unfortunately, I’m not knowledgeable enough in the subject to argue what I stated. I was told this by someone I trust who has a master’s degree in evolutionary biology. I’ll take it down as again, I definitely wouldn’t be able to site my sources (or probably understand his)

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