Love Diamond Fold Card

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Love Diamond Fold Card

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving diamonds and hearts of love on Valentine’s Day?  Give both of them with this Love Diamond Fold Card.  It’s so easy to make you’ll love creating it, too!


Begin by cutting the card base from cardstock using a paper trimmer.  It should be cut to 6 ¼” x 11”.


Place it on your scoring board and score at 4”, 6” and 7 ½”.   Fold the score lines downward (valley fold), upward at the 6” score line (mountain fold) and downward at the 7 ½” line (valley fold).


Now, make a mark at 2” on the top and bottom from the left hand side.  Also, make a mark on the short side at 3 1/8”.  For this step, you can use a scoring blade for your paper trimmer or use your paper trimmer cutting groove and an embossing stylus to score.  Line the top 2” mark up in the trimmer and the 6” score line at the bottom and score it.


Score a second time lining up the 6” score mark on the top and the 2 3/8” mark on the bottom as shown in the picture.


Fold each of these new score lines.  It helps to fold them in both directions to help it fold easier.


Line the 2” mark up at the top and the 3 1/8” on the side and trim it off.  Repeat this only this time lining up the bottom 2” mark and the 3 1/8” mark and cut it.  This will create the diamond shape on the front of the card.


This is what the card base will look like at this point.


Now, fold all of the score lines in their proper directions so that the card is folded closed.


Begin to decorate the panels using your favorite patterned paper.  The paper shown is the Love and Lace Collection by Bo Bunny.  The back panel measures 3 ¼” x 6”.  You can add a smaller panel from cardstock over the top of this one to stamp a sentiment onto or you can use the back so that it does not show if you’d like.

The small (maroon) strip next to this piece will measure 1 ¼” x 6”.  Add it between the two fold lines using the tape runner.


Take a piece of patterned paper that measures 3 ¾” x 6 and on the back find the center on the top and bottom.  Rotate it and find the center on each side.


Line up the center top mark and one of the marks on the side and cut using the paper trimmer.  Repeat this step until you have all 4 sides cut and you have a diamond shaped paper.


Attach it to the front of the card using the tape runner.

Add a strip of solid patterned paper behind the diamond on the left hand side that measures 1” x 6” to cover this area and add some color behind the diamond.


Now cut a second diamond shape the same size as the first from a 3 ¾” x 6” piece of paper.  I chose a piece of kraft cardstock to match the brown colors found in the Devotion sheet of patterned paper from the Love and Lace Line by Bo Bunny.  Once you have the diamond shape created, cut it into half and half again until you have 4 tall triangle shapes.  Cut ¼” off the bottom of each triangle.  This will allow it to fit into the space on the card base.

Cut a third diamond shape from a piece of patterned paper (maroon from the Love and Lace Collection used here) the same size.  Cut it into half.  Trim a little off until it measures 1 1/8” from the tip on the left side to the straight edge by 5 3/8” along the long straight edge.

Punch a heart (Heart in Heart punch by EK used) and attach it to the center.

Finish it off by adding the sentiment.

Enjoy sharing this card with the one you love or change it to match the theme for any occasion.  This design is perfect for any theme.  Use your favorite papers and embellishments to make this card an amazing one!

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