Wintery Pinecone Wreath

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a pretty wreath from painted pinecones!

Here’s a simple, but pretty wreath to help you make the transition between Christmas and spring–this pinecone wreath with its pale tones says “winter,” without looking like you forgot to take down your Christmas wreath.

Wintery 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Wintery 3

To begin, use a small paintbrush to paint the outer tip of every one of your pinecones either white, or pale blue.

Wintery 4

I painted the majority of my pinecones with white, and then did a dozen or so with the blue, to use as an accent.  Let dry.

Wintery 5

Begin gluing your pinecones around your wreath, positioning any larger ones first.

Wintery 6

After gluing all of the larger cones, begin gluing the smaller ones around the wreath to fill up the space.

Wintery 7

Be sure to leave a pinecone free space at the top of your wreath so you have somewhere to tie your bow.

Pinecone Wreath DIY

Figure out how much ribbon you need to create whatever size and style bow you desire.  Cut the ribbon to that length.  Cut a length of the white lace to the same size, and using your hot glue gun, adhere the lace down the center of your ribbon.  Let cool.  Tie the ribbon around the wreath and into a bow.  I chose to form a simple bow (like tying your shoelace), and then tied another bow of the same sort right on top of the first one.  Cut the ends of the ribbon into a swallowtail, or at an angle.

Now hang up your pretty new wreath and admire your craftiness!

Happy crafting!

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3 thoughts on “Wintery Pinecone Wreath

  1. Judy H.

    So pretty and so perfect for that “after holiday” time. I have a BIG question for you. APPROXIMATELY, how many pinecones did you use making this? Also, what is the diameter of this wreath? Thank you!

  2. Michelle

    Hi, Judy! I used about 60 small pinecones–the largest were about 3-inches tall, the average about 2-inches tall. The grapevine wreath is 18-inches in diameter. Happy crafting!

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