Elegant and Airy Tassel Wall Hanging

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By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

This easy wall hanging makes a huge statement that you can DIY in no time

I’m always on the lookout for ways to bring three-dimensional art to my walls. Believe it or not, with the amount of wall hangings I make, I only have two in my apartment because I love to give them to my friends as gifts. However, the wall space above our dresser has been looking particularly sad and in need of some love, so I took the opportunity to create something quick and simple for myself. I also took into consideration that our bedroom is usually pretty dark, as we live on the first floor sort of at the bottom of a hill and have no overhead lighting in that room. I wanted to make something cheery without being overwhelmingly colorful to brighten the space up a little. These airy tassels made out of beautiful watercolor-esque fabric were the perfect solution. Not to mention, the tassels I made use a new process I discovered and are about a hundred times easier. No complaints here.

What you will need:

To begin, lay out your fabric and decide how long you want your tassels to be. I wish I had made mine quite a bit longer, so keep in mind when cutting your fabric that having too much for each tassel is better than not enough. With three yards, you’ll have plenty. Once you’ve decided how long you want your tassels to be, cut your fabric into strips of about twice that length. I laid out my fabric so it was 9 feet long, then cut it from bottom to top.



Take one strip and fold it in thirds, like this:


And cut along each crease so you have three pieces that are all the same size.


Take one piece and fold it in fourths, then cut along the crease.


Do this with each third of fabric from your original strip. Each new piece of fabric (you should have six by the time you’re done with all your cutting) will be one tassel, giving you six tassels from each large strip of fabric. My wall hanging has 23 tassels total, but the amount will vary based on the size of your wall space.

Now, take one small piece of fabric and fold it in half hamburger style. Cut a strip in the folded fabric (being sure to cut through both sides) until you get about an inch from the top, then stop.


Repeat until the entire piece of fabric is cut into strips like this, then unfold.


Next, tightly roll your fabric, like this:


And fold it in half like this:


Secure with a small piece of scrap fabric around the top, super glued down at the end.


That’s how you’ll make all your tassels! So much easier. One thing I love about making these is that the edges don’t have to be cut straight or cleanly, and they don’t need to be identical. You can blast through all of them pretty fast; I made all 23 in about an hour.


Another tip I have is to cut all your scrap pieces before you start making your tassels. Just makes life easier. And if you’re using a multi-colored fabric like I did, make sure to use a piece of scrap fabric with similar colors on it so it blends in as much as possible.


Once you’ve made all your tassels, you are ready to hang them from your dowel. I did this by using the same method I’ve used many times to hang string from a dowel, which is like this:


Cut your string the double the length you want it to hang, then fold it in half. Wrap the folded end around the back of your dowel and pull the other end through, to create a tight loop around the dowel.


To tie all my tassels to my dowel, I hung the dowel on the wall and hung each tassel in order, increasing the length of my string by a bit each time because I knew I wanted them to form an arrow. Once I got to the middle, I made the other half of my arrow by eyeballing the length of each string and trying to match their lengths with the other side. It was relatively easy, but definitely the part of the process that took the longest. It was pretty easy to untie the knots at the end (I just tied the string together through the loop of the tassel) if I needed to change the length.


You’re done! Congrats! You can never have enough tassels in your life, eh? Especially when they’re this easy to make.


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