Felt Frosty Ornament

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Felt Frosty Ornament

Here’s a cute little snowman ornament to make for your Christmas tree.  Make him just like the tutorial, or simply make the body as directed, and then create your own custom look for your snowman–either way, he’ll help you to have a jolly holiday!

Frosty 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Frosty 3

To begin, cut two 6-inch circles from your white felt.  Using your needle and thread, knot the end of your thread, and then sew a running stitch about 1/8-inch all around the edge of your first felt circle.  When you arrive back at the knot, do not clip the thread, but instead pull the needle end of the thread to draw the circle up into a little pouch shape.  Stuff firmly with fiberfill stuffing, draw the needle thread tight to close the pouch all the way, and sew shut to hold.  Repeat with the second felt circle.

Frosty 4

Glue the felt balls you’ve made so the parts you sewed are facing each other, and they are stacked into a snowman shape.

Frosty 5

Cut two black chenille stems in half.  Fold each of the four pieces in half to form the arms and legs for your snowman.  Using the tip of your scissors, snip a small hole in the body of the snowman where you want the arms and legs to go, add a dab of hot glue to the non-folded end of each chenille stem appendage, and poke into the holes you cut.  Cut a strip of felt about 1/2-inch wide, by 12-inches long, and tie as a scarf around your snowman’s neck.  Glue as needed to secure.

Frosty 6

To make a top hat, cut two strips of black felt from the long way of your sheet of felt–make them as wide as you want the hat to be tall.  They need to both be the same size.  Starting at one end of the strip, begin rolling the strip up lengthwise, gluing as you roll to secure.  Once you’ve rolled the first strip, if you want your hat wider, butt the next strip up to the end of the first, glue, and continue rolling until your hat is as wide as you desire. Cut off any extra.

Frosty 7

Cut a circle of black felt and glue onto the bottom of your felt roll for the brim of the hat.

Frosty 8

Decorate your hat as desired–I added a strip of felt around mine for a hat band, and then created some felt holly leaves and berries.

Frosty 9

Dip the handle end of your paintbrush into the black paint and make dots on your snowman’s head for eyes and a mouth.  Glue a small pom-pom on for the nose.  Let dry.  Glue on the hat.
To add a hanger to your ornament, thread a length of baker’s twine into a tapestry needle, and draw through the middle top of the snowman’s hat.  Tie into a loop.

Snowman Top Hat Ornament

Another fun idea is to follow steps 6-8 with wider strips of felt to create a large top hat ornament.  Just keep adding more strips of felt to your roll until your hat becomes a larger ornament.  Decorate as desired.

Happy Crafting!

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