Snowflake Wreath

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Snowflake Wreath

I spent a few days in Alaska last month and was lucky enough to experience the beauty of freshly fallen snow while I was there. I was a little sad when I came home to rainy Portland. I decided to make myself a pretty wreath, inspired by the gorgeous white of a fresh snowfall to help cheer me up.

Snowflake Wreath DIY

This wreath is a great piece to add to your holiday decor because you can keep it up all winter long. It just takes a pretty snowflake punch and a lot of time to create your own. Once you’ve got all your snowflakes punched out, it’s surprisingly fun and easy to make!


What You Need:

How to Make It:


Grab your cardstock and punch as many snowflakes as you can fit from one sheet. I punched a strip, then cut it off, and punched the second strip until I got to the end of the paper. I punched about 3 sheets at a time so I wouldn’t waste paper, and because I needed a break about every 3 sheets. Punch one sheet of your contrast color too.


Glue about a 2 inch line on your styrofoam form and gently press your snowflakes one by one into the glue.


Make sure they’re overlapping and hiding as much of the form as you can. Once you’ve got about a 3 inch section covered, add one of your contrast snowflakes.

Keep punching and placing until  you’ve got a nice, thick layer of snowflakes covering your wreath and it looks just the way you like it.


Cut about 3 feet of your ribbon and fold it in half. Now, wrap the ribbon around the wreath as pictured above, with the loop in front and the ends wrapped around and pulled over the top.


Tie the ends in a bow around your loop.

Paper Punch Snowflake Wreath

Hang your wreath on an inside door that needs a little wintery charm!

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2 thoughts on “Snowflake Wreath

  1. Suzi Pyles

    Your crafty ideas are so great to browse through,looking for something new to try…especially tour wreath ideas..And some I can even do with my grandkids…so keep up the great work….Suzi

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