Sparkly Sweet Lolliops

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Sparkly Sweet Lollipop Ornaments

Here’s a cute ornament that’s sure to look “sweet” on your Christmas tree!  These glitter dusted lollipops are fun and easy to make, and will add some sparkle to your holiday decor.

Pop 2

Here’s what you need to make your own:


Pop 3

To begin, break off a walnut-sized piece of clay from both the white, and one of the colors.  Knead to soften, and then roll the balls into “snakes” about 10-inches long and as wide as a pencil.  Make the white one about 1/4-inch longer than the colored one.

Pop 4

With the rolling pin, gently flatten the snakes of clay until they are about 1/8-inch thick and 1/2-inch wide.  Place the colored strip on top of the white one, leaving the 1/4-inch extra white at one end.  Press the sides of the stack as needed to even the edges up.

Pop 5

Beginning at the end with the extra white showing, roll up the stacked clay strips, keeping the roll even as you go.

Pop 6

With your rolling pin, gently flatten the roll a tiny bit to even out the coils–don’t flatten it too much or your lollipop won’t be thick enough to push the stick into the bottom without making a hole in the sides too. Gently smooth the end of the coil to hold it in place, and then carefully poke the end of a dowel into the edge of your lollipop, and up into the clay coil at least 1/2-inch.  Remove the stick, and bake the clay lollipops according to the directions on the clay package.  While the clay is baking and then cooling, prepare your lollipop sticks.  Cut the dowels into whatever length sticks you desire–I carefully scored the wood with scissors all around the place where I wanted to make the cut, and then broke them.  Paint them white, and let them dry.

Pop 7

To make a swirled lollipop, make two snakes of clay, as above, but twist them around each other.

Pop 8

Continue twisting the coils until they are even.

Pop 9

Gently roll the twist on the table to mold them together and flatten the edges into one snake.

Pop 10

Roll the snake up into a coil, and press the end to secure.  Make a hole, like above, for the stick, and bake as directed on the package.

Pop 11

Use hot glue on each stick as you insert it into the holes you made in the lollipops.

Pop 12

Brush white glue all over the clay part of the lollipops, (front, back, edges) and sprinkle the Diamond Dust glitter on the wet glue.  Tap off extra glitter, let dry.

Pop 13

When the glitter is dry, carefully twist a screw-eye into the top of each lollipop.  Tie a piece of baker’s twine into a loop for a hanger on each lollipop.

Pop 14

Tie a small piece of pearl chenille onto each stick at the top.  Tie a small piece of ribbon onto each stick at the top.

Lollipop Ornaments

Hang your sweet treats on the tree, tie them on packages, or give them as cute gifts!

Sparkly Lollipop Ornaments

Happy Crafting!



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2 thoughts on “Sparkly Sweet Lolliops

  1. barb macaskill

    these are adorable!! Great to add to the front of a package or envelope! Thanks for the inspiration!

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