Snowy Owl Wreath

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

DIY your own snowy owl wreath - perfect way to decorate your door even after the holidays!


Here’s a cheerful little wreath with woodland charm to decorate your winter home.  Adorned with baby snow owls, you can make this wreath simply wintery, or dress it up to make it more of a Christmas theme. Either way you go, it’s super cute and a “hoot”  to make!

Snowy 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Snowy 3

To begin, cut or tear 2-inch wide strips from your fabric.  Glue one end to the backside of your wreath, and begin wrapping the fabric strips around the wreath to cover it.  Glue as you go, add more strips as needed.

Snowy 4

Next, choose four pinecones to make the bodies and heads for your owls.  For each owl choose one larger pinecone for the body, and a slightly smaller one for the head.    Stack the pinecones so the flat ends are butted up against each other, and the pointed ends are facing out.  Make sure the pinecones are not too big for the wreath–you can kind of hold the stacked pinecones together and try arranging them inside the wreath to make sure they’ll fit.  We’re going to cut off the pointed end of the body pinecone off so it will fit more snugly onto the wreath, so keep this in mind.  Glue the pinecone heads and bodies together, so the flat bottoms of the pinecones are together.

Snowy 5

Using your wire clippers or garden shears, cut off the pointed ends of the body pinecones (and anymore that you need to) so they are more flat.  Keep the parts that you trim away, we’ll need them later.  Test to see how they sit on the wreath, trim more as needed.

Snowy 6

Cotton balls are made up of rolled pieces of cotton–gently tug on the outside of a cotton ball until you release the end, and unroll it so you have a strip of cotton.

Snowy 7

Begin loosely winding strips of cotton around the body and head of your pinecone owls, tucking it between the scales of the cones.  Leave some of the ends of the scales exposed to give your owls a speckled look.  I didn’t find the need to use any hot glue to keep the cotton in place, but glue if you need to.

Snowy 8

Pick two sets of acorn caps that are the same size.  Paint a small black circle inside each cap for the eye.  Let dry, then add matching white dots in each eye for the reflection.

Snowy 9

Glue the acorn caps onto the heads of your owls–place them right next to each other.

Snowy 10

Look at the pieces of pinecone that you trimmed away with your clippers.  Pull or clip off two scales to use as beaks for your owls.

Snowy 11

Glue the pinecone scales between the eyes of each owl so they stick out straight.  Glue your owls next to each other onto the wreath.

Snowy 12

Glue white feathers onto the sides of each of your owls for little wings.

Snowy Owls

Finish decorating your wreath with snowflakes and holly, and tie a bow onto the top.

Now hang up and enjoy the cuteness that is your snowy owl wreath!

Happy Crafting!

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