Thankful Tree and Banner

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Show your gratitude and decorate for Thanksgiving.

With all that goes on in life, focusing on the negative can become a habit, robbing us of the joy that comes from all of the good things we have.  Won’t you join my family in remembering all the things we have to be thankful for, by creating your own Thankful Tree and Banner?

Thank 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Thank 3

To begin, place your tree branch into the container you’ve chosen as a base, and add filler as needed to both hold the branch in place, and weight the base so your tree doesn’t fall over.

Next, simply cut out as many leaves as you desire; I’ve made both more complicated oak leaves (which could also make cute Thanksgiving table place cards), and just basic leaf shapes.  Print and cut out more as desired.  Now, place a stack of leaves near your tree, along with a pen or pencil, and everyday (or whenever) have your family write something that their thankful for on one of the leaves, and use a mini-clothespin to attach the leaf to the branches of the tree.  This is a good reminder to “count your blessings” that can be used as an everyday exercise leading up to Thanksgiving, or as an activity for the whole family to participate on Thanksgiving day.  There are so many ways you could adapt this exercise in thankfulness.

Thank 4

To make the coordinating banner, begin by cutting out the pennant pieces.  I’ve given you extra pennant flags with different graphics (Found at my favorite source for vintage graphics, The Graphics Fairy) so you can choose which pictures you want to use to flank the word “Thanksgiving;”  I used the turkey on one end, and the acorn on the other.  Fold the pennants in half  (good sides out) on the dotted line, and use your Elmer’s glue to glue the pennants together, leaving the folded edge open by keeping the glue about 1/2-inch away from the fold.  Lay under a book, or something else flat and heavy, until dry.

Thank 5

Cut a length of baker’s twine to whatever length you desire.  Thread the pennants onto the twine through the open fold on each piece.  To help you string the pennants onto the twine, you can create a “needle” of sorts by folding a chenille stem in half, leaving a loop by the fold, and then twisting the ends together.  Run your twine through the “eye” of your new “needle,” and use it to help you thread the twine through the open ends of your pennants.

Decorate for Thanksgiving with a free printable Thankful Banner

Hang your banner, and slide the pennants to space evenly.

Show gratitude and decorate for Thanksgiving with free printable tree leafs and pennants

Hang your banner above your tree, if you desire, and display them together.

DIY Thankful Banner

Or it might be fun to use your tree as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, and have everyone participate by adding leaves to the tree.  Anyway you choose to display them, may we all strive to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness.

Happy Crafting!

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