Tassel Stockings

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By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

Tassel Stocking DIY

Since moving to an apartment with a fireplace and mantle, I’ve known a stocking craft was in my future. Lee and I frequent the local Fremont Flea Market in Seattle, and there’s a booth there that sells Christmas stockings made from old Pendleton and other tribal print blankets. They’re gorgeous, but they come with a pretty hefty price tag. Plus, I can never seem to find one with a color scheme that matches my décor.

Tassel Stocking

That’s why I decided to piggy back on my favorite trend, the tassel, and create my own chic and simple stocking design that can blend in with any household décor style.

What you will need:

To start, you’ll need to find something small enough to wrap your yarn around to make your tassel. You could cut a piece of cardboard, but I like something a little sturdier because I wrap my yarn pretty tight and aggressively. My boyfriend paints model things (neeerd) and they come with these plastic stands, so I found one of those that was the right size and used that.


Wrap your yarn around the piece of cardboard/sturdy object until you think your tassel will have its desired thickness.


Cut the end of the yarn.


Now cut another piece of yarn from your skein and tuck it through the wrapped yarn. Pull it up to the top and tie it. This will be the top of your tassel.


Cut through all the yarn at the bottom of the tassel.


And slide the tied loop to the center so each side of the tassel is the same length.


Next, take a new piece of yarn and tie it around the tassel, about a third of the way down. Because my tassels were so small, I found it easiest to sort of twist the tassel so all the fibers in the yarn stuck to each other and then tie my knot.


Cut the ends of the yarn at the top of the tassel, on the yarn you used to tie the first loop…


And Tuck the ends inside the top of the tassel so you can no longer see them. Trim the ends at the bottom so they’re all the same length. Your first tassel is complete!


I made 14 of these puppies for one stocking. It’s a little tedious, but it gets easier after you’ve made a couple. Because I made three stockings, I ended up making 42 tassels. Aye caramba. Spoiler: one of my future crafts involves even more tassels. I might hold off on that one for a bit.

Make all your tassels before you start attaching them to the stocking. It’s just easier that way. Once you are ready to start sewing, cut a long piece of yarn (about four times the length of your stocking from top to bottom). Tie a big ol’ ugly knot at the end (or just a normal knot, as long as it stops the yarn from coming out the other side of the holes you’ll be sewing).


Painstakingly get your yarn through the eye of your needle, and sew it through a single hole in the top of the stocking from the inside, on the outer seam (on the edge). Pull it through until your knot stops it. Next, thread the yarn through the loop at the top of your tassel, created by that piece of yarn we snipped the ends of and tucked into the top of the tassel. Then sew back into the stocking, like this:



Hooray! Your first tassel is attached. Repeat this down the side of your stocking and around the bottom until you nearly reach the toe. Make sure your spacing is equal. Once you have sewn all of your tassels on, to tie the end, sew back through the heel once (sans tassel, obviously, just sew it) and then sew through the top once more as well to anchor it and keep your yarn from flopping around the inside, limiting room for treats and nail polish come Christmas morning. Tie the end of your yarn to the knot you created at the beginning.


You are done with your tassels! Take a well-deserved break and drink some liquor.


The names in my household are Alyssa, Leland, and Kristoff (Leland, or Lee = boyfriend, Kristoff =  cat). I chose a font I liked, called Impact, decided how big I wanted my letters to be, and printed them out from a normal word document.


I then cut out the “A” and laid it down on my felt, and traced around it with a sharpie.



Because the felt I went with is really thick (Createforless seriously has the nicest, coziest felt I’ve ever seen – the stuff is like half an inch thick. It’s amazing. It’s like a tiny, furry animal), I used an x-acto knife to cut out my letters so my cuts would be more precise, especially in the middle of the A. I’m sure scissors would work fine, though.

Decide where on your stocking you would like to place your letter, slap some glue on the back, put it down, and leave it to dry.




Tassel Stockings

Now go make some peppermint hot chocolate, turn on your Christmas lights, and watch Elf under a blanket. Happy holidays!

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