Yarn Ball Ornament

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Yarn Ball Ornaments

Show off your favorite yarn craft with this easy and fun yarn busting project. Give these fun little ornaments as a gift to your favorite stitcher or use them as gift toppers. I’m thinking about making some into gift toppers with the leftover yarn I used to make this year’s gifts. That way, my family members have a little hint about what to expect inside their gifts, and it lets them know how it’s made!

What You Need:

How to Make Them:


Take a lengh of yarn and drape it over the ball. Stick a pin through the yarn about 1 inch from the end and press it into the ball.


Start wrapping the yarn around the ball until it’s completely covered. Tuck the other end into under the layers of yarn.


Thread a piece of bakers twine a few strands of yarn on your ball and tie the loop in a knot or a bow.

To Make the Knitting Needles:


Chop about 3 inches from the pointy ends of your bamboo skewers.


Grab the beads with the widest holes and “string” them through the pointy end of the bamboo skewer all the way through until the top, cut end. I pulled it a tiny bit over so there wouldn’t be any rough splinters.

To Make the Crochet Hook:


Roll about a 3 inch log of air dry clay.


Bend one end into a hook.


Pinch the top of the hook




Slice through the edge of the rounded end to make it a little pointier. Let Dry.

Once it’s dry, paint the hook a coordinating color with your yarn.

Crochet Ornament

I found the knitting needles pretty easy to just stick into the completed yarn ball ornament, but the hook was less pointy, so it was trickier to get through. If you have trouble, unwind the ball a little, and wrap it around your crochet hook a few times before tucking the end in.

Yarn Ball Ornament

Hang your creation on your Christmas tree!

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