Whimsical Woodland Fairies

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

DIY Woodland Fairies

Take an autumn stroll with the kids to collect some acorn caps, then come home and make your own troop of woodland fairies.

Fairy 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Fairy 3

The first step is to give your fairy a face.  Children may enjoy drawing their face with a marker.

Fairy 4

You can also use a fine detail brush to paint a face onto your fairy.

Fairy 5

Next, use your acrylic craft paint to give your fairy clothes.

Fairy 6

To make hair for your fairy, cut a “u” shape out of felt, and then cut fringe along the straight edge.

Fairy 7

Use a dot of glue to stick the felt hair to the back of the head.

Fairy 8

Add some more glue along the sides of the head, and press the felt onto the head.

Fairy 9

To make wings for your fairy, fold one of the tinsel stems in half to make a “v” shape.  Bend one side in half, so the end meets the center of the “v.” Bend the tip around the middle to secure.  Repeat with the other side to finish the wings.  Glue onto the back of your fairy.

Fairy 10

Fairy 11

To make a skirt for your fairy, you can cut leaf or petal shapes from your felt, and glue them around the waist of your fairy, overlapping them slightly.  You can also cut a strip of felt as wide as you want the skirt to be long, and then glue the top edge around your fairy’s waist, and then glue the seam shut along the back.  Then, gently pull the bottom edge of the felt skirt away from the body, stretching it slightly to give the skirt some flair.

Fairy 12

Glue an acorn cap onto your fairy’s head as a little hat.

Clothespin Fairies

You can make these little fairies more or less detailed depending on who will be making them.  Younger children might rather color the fairy with magic markers, rather than painting.  You might decide to give your fairy arms by gluing a small length of chenille stem to the back of the fairy’s body.

Woodland Fairies

These fairies are fun to make for creative play, but could also be sweet made into a mobile, or hang them on strings from the ceiling as decoration.

Happy crafting!


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