Key Hook Planter

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By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

Key Hook Planter

I moved! My boyfriend and I decided it was time for an (overdue) upgrade and made our way across the lake to the Eastside. We swapped out a beautiful location and view for convenience and upgrades, and although I will miss the pretty ocean view and our frequent walks on the beach to the local burger joint, I couldn’t be happier. Although the abundance of shops, cafes, and restaurants within a mile of our new place might be a little dangerous.

DIY Key Hook Planter

I think we crafters can all agree on one thing: the best part of moving is the chance to redecorate. I’ve been waiting to do this craft until we had a new place to sink some holes into, and I am loving the impact it’s made on our entryway. The narrow space has become much more inviting and homey.

What you will need:

  • A plank of wood. I got mine for free at Home Depot because they had precut the piece from a larger piece of wood and had planned to scrap it, but you could use whatever wood your heart desires. Drift wood, reclaimed, stained, pallet wood…
  • Gold Paint (or any other color of your choice)
  • Paint brush
  • Metal Worm Gear Clamp (I got mine at Home Depot for like $1.50 in the plumbing section)
  • Screw-in hooks
  • Hooks for hanging your finished piece
  • Planter/pot of your choice
  • Plant
  • Super Glue (optional)

Key Hook

Seeing as I had already had my paint, paintbrush, and planter lying around, this whole craft only ended up costing me around $10. The materials are dirt cheap, but together, they make a pretty big statement.

To start, I decided on a pattern for my wood. I went with a simple half-circle pattern, which was super SUPER easy and requires no artistic skills. You could do whatever you want on yours: a quote, an entire painting (if you’re like that), you could leave it blank, it’s versatile and totally up to you!

I painted a line down the length of the wood first, then added my semi-circles in somewhat even increments down the line. The key to creating interest in this pattern is variation from one half circle to the next.


(I hadn’t opened this tube of paint in a few years, so it kind of exploded everywhere – not all over my new carpet, though, thank goodness).


After I had painted my entire design, I let it dry.


Next, I figured out how tight I needed my clamp to be by tightening it around my pot.



I then laid it down on the piece of wood and, with the clamp part as far to the left as I could get it, marked which notch I would be drilling through to attach the clamp. You want to make sure you can still open your clamp after it is drilled to the board, so make sure to use a notch that’s not going to prevent that from happening (so use a notch that is in part of the loop rather than one that’s in part of the strip that is poking out of the clamp after you’ve tightened it).

To make things easier – nay, actually possible, drill a hole in the metal before drilling it to the wood. You will want to open your clamp back up before you drill it to the wood so that it lays flat and is easier to get to.


After the clamp has been drilled to the wood, do not close it back up or tighten it. Instead, flip your piece of wood over and drill your picture hanging hooks into the back.




Next, measure where your key hooks will go and mark with a sharpie or pencil. I made mine 2 inches apart.


Screw them in there with your strong muscles. My board was solid oak, so it was pretty tough. But I totally didn’t make my boyfriend screw in the last half of each hook…totally…


Now you may close your clamp back up. You will know how tight to make it because you’ve positioned your clamp in a way that only allows you to tighten it as much as you need. We placed the clamp part as far left as it would go before hitting the wood for this reason (and to hide it because it’s not the prettiest thing).


I didn’t like how the strip of metal was sticking out from the side of the clamp, so I super glued it down, but that was just a personal aesthetic choice.

Now you may hang your key hook planter, place the pot in the clamp, and enjoy! I made sure to get a plant that enjoys the shade since my hallway gets almost no sunlight.

Key Hook Planter DIY

Voila! I’ll never misplace my keys at home again, I love this cheery little guy so much.

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