Free Stuff Friday!!

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It’s another fabulous Friday, and we’re excited to give away this Cool Tools Prize Pack!


This week’s winner will receive a tape runner, an Aleene’s Tacky Glue Pen, a Mini Hot Glue Gun, a hole punch, a car seat organizer, and a USB powered light!

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of the week: What’s the messiest craft you’ve ever made?

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35 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Marissa M.

    Hmmm…I don’t do a TON of messy ones, but I think it would either be when we tried to do a bunch of resin jewelry (man…that stuff can get everywhere!) or when mom and I were playing with Gelatos and mixing them with acrylic medium and smooshing those around 🙂

  2. Mary Mac

    Using pour on high gloss finish on a table, most of it ended up on the floor. I had to sand the table down again before I could get a good coat on it.

  3. Cindy H

    My messiest project was using glitter on something I wore glitter for the whole day because it got all over everything!!

  4. Karey

    The messiest project I’ve ever made was a couple of pillows out of this “Cookie Monster” blue fur fabric. When cut, the edges of the fabric shed a lot! I had blue furs everywhere, including on the inside of my nose!!

  5. BarbaraG

    I discovered glitter + 3 year old grand daughter = MESSY! But it was a lot of fun to take a pair of white sneakers, white glue and glitter and transform them into fairy shoes!

  6. Gail Blackwell

    I would say when I quilt. I drag out my sewing machine, material, batting, backing, rotary cutter and mats etc. The whole room is a mess and I don’t want to put anything away until I am done. But I live to craft so I just clean up afterwards and move on to some other craft!!!!!

  7. Margaret Coleman

    A glitter projects with grandkids. Glitter goes everywhere, have sparkling carpet for awhile.

  8. Monica

    Messiest craft… Ahh, that would be making disco balls with the teenagers. They took old CDs and broke them into little pieces, glued them on styrofoam balls, then covered it with silver glitter. We had a big tub to hold it all in, but that of course didn’t contain it all. Glitter is mean like that.

  9. Carmen N

    Not one craft, but a whole crafting weekend with friends. The house was covered in glitter, Mod Podge, and paint … but we had a blast and learned several new crafts.

  10. Gail Gill

    Years ago, I was making wall hangings by pouring liquid resin into molds. I had a rather large mold (appx 14 inches across) and had just filled it to the brink with liquid resin. Then the cat decided it was a good time to jump on the counter. She landed right in the middle of the mold, freaked, and ran all over the house trying to get away from what she’d just done. After getting back from a good cleaning at the vet, I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning cured resin from every corner of the floor, bed sheets, furniture and every nook a cat can get into.

  11. mare williams

    I’d have to say the messiest craft I’ve ever made was with my grandkids. The project was painting with watercolors on seashells…and the kids got paint all over EVERYTHING BUT THE PAPER!! It was even on my 91 y.o.aunt’s cane!!

  12. Janis in ID

    I usually keep my messiest craft endeavors in the unfinished addition of our house……good thing, too!

    My most recent really messy thing was when I decided to rehydrate my water-based markers that had dried up. After letting several of the same color sit in a baby food jar with a half inch of water to soak up, I couldn’t just throw out the remaining wonderfully pigmented water!!! I used it on watercolor paper for making card backgrounds, by pouring them carefully onto the paper.

    I had my work surface covered with many layers of newspaper, but I got too much liquid on one sheet when I noticed it was pouring off the newspaper onto the unfinished floor. My husband was working in the basement right below me and I was afraid red liquid was going to start dripping on him as it seeped between the floor boards. Fortunately, I caught it in time and I don’t think he has noticed the stained floor yet! 🙂
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

    CAT LOVERS HOP coming Oct. 26-30 at!!!

  13. Sarah

    When I was a kid I had to make a diorama of Jupiter for a class project. I had the bright idea of gluing crayon shavings to a Styrofoam ball. It took hours to shave all the crayons down and if you held the crayon shavings in your hand to long they would start to melt. Then the glue was getting everywhere. My little brother kept trying to help me but he ended up with crayon shavings glued in his hair. The good news was I did get an A on the project though, so I guess it was worth it.

  14. Heather Ritz

    resin flowers, very pretty but, I had resin in my hair that I had to cut out and everywhere!!

  15. Janet M

    The messiest are the decorations for holidays I make with my children but they are also the best crafts.

  16. Dianne

    I have made hair decorations and costumes with marabou and that is messy. For weeks after it is floating around and gets in everything.

  17. Cathy M T

    I had a hard time thinking of something for this question. I think subconsciously I must avoid messy crafts because I don’t have a studio to be messy in. I have to work in my son’s bedroom and try to be careful. Reading other women’s comments, my heart goes out to you guys (especially Gail!). I have to agree, it’s almost impossible not to make a mess with both glitter and papier mache. I’ve don’t both. Even with the relatively clean craft of card making, I have a knack for getting glue and ink everywhere. But, bring it on!! In the end, it’s worth the clean up time to be creative and have fun.

  18. Makalah

    Messes craft would be the glittery favor boxes I made for a wedding…over 150 of them. Eesh.

  19. Jen

    Suffering from insomnia one night, I decided to hand-craft a card for a friend’s wedding. To make it extra special, I decided to glue two lines seed pearls horizontally across the card, to highlight the primary design element. Several hours and seed-pearled fingers alter…It was done! It was lovely! And then I had to figure out how to get the seed pearls off my hands and the glue off my craft desk without making an even bigger mess. 😉

    (Totally worth it, though.)

  20. Pam S

    My four-year-old granddaughter loves making glitter, button, and fabric collages so we do those occasionally. We try to keep the messes on the porch, but somehow there are flakes of glitter all over the house. One of my friends refers to glitter as the herpes of the crafting world. It never goes away.

  21. Marlene B

    I love to decoupage and I start off with a brush but eventually I use my fingers and of course glue gets all over me! So much fun and worth the end result. Thanks for the Freebies on Fridays.

  22. Linda

    I have to say its whenever I get out the glitter! I love the sparkles but boy; everything has sparkles for weeks!

  23. Jean Snider

    HAS to be glitter and glue. OMG! Anytime the glitter comes out there is glitter everywhere for ages and ages. It does not clean up well.

  24. barb macaskill

    The messiest craft I have ever made was making my own fingerpaints out of different flavors of pudding and my grandchildren and I finger painted on a canvas that I spread out on the floor!!! We had so much fun and when we were done the kiddos were put into a tub and got all cleaned up. After that we had some pudding with whip cream and cherries while watching a movie!! We plan to do this again in the very near future!!

  25. Kimberly Anderson

    Its hard to pick just one with 4 children, but i was a Den mother of our local boy scout troup, the meetings at my home. We did a”crafty night” before Christmas making ornaments….boys, glitter, foam shapes & 11 year old boys do not mix…there was glitter from floor to ceiling when one boy figured he could fill a straw with glitter, and shoot it everywhere….the following week was “how to pick up remaining glitter by wrapping tape around their hands!

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