Frightful Flowers

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 Using the We R Memory Keepers Punch Board

By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

From Peg’s Crafting Corner

Frightful Flowers Halloween Bouquet

Create a frightful bouquet of flowers this Halloween.


Once you have chosen the size of flower you want to make, cut the correct size of paper as shown on the punch board using cardstock or patterned paper.   Place the end of it on the board lining it up with the star line and punch the top and then score the vertical line.  You will need to cut and create 2 strips for larger flowers.


Move the end of the paper over to line up with the size of flower you are creating and then punch and score both of the score lines this time.  Continue to punch and score until you reach the end of the strip.


You may end up with a small piece that is not punched at the end.  Simply take a pair of scissors and even it up along that side.


Now, fold all of the straight score lines (the vertical ones) so that the folds are mountain folds.  They should come up towards you when you are holding the piece.

Turn the strip vertically so that the mountain folds are facing you.  Fold the diagonal fold in towards the flower to create a flap.

As you fold it, the flower should start forming.


The tab will be adhered to the back of the full petal for small flowers and to the full petal on the second strip for larger flowers as shown in the picture.  The patterned paper used for this flower is from the Hocus Pocus line by Echo Park.

When adhering the flowers together it is best to use a glue such as Aleene’s Tacky Glue so that it will hold especially if creating larger flowers.


The punch board, also, comes with a second tool that is used for rolling the petals to give them some depth.  You can use it for any size flower and it looks especially nice with larger ones that will be used for bouquets.


Layer the flowers on top one another and place the center pieces from one of the stem kits through and attach the stems.


Cut a square that will match the size of the flower that you have created.  The square can be from 1” to 4”.

10 Turn the entire punch board around and use the back side of the punch to create the leaves.  Round opposing sides of the square as shown.


Place the leaf onto the board lining up the center points with the vertical score line and score down the center of the leaf.


Attach the leaf to the wire and to the stem following the directions included in the stem kit.  Hint:  Use some glue on the back of the leaves to secure them to the stem so that they do not flop around.

Whether you want a small flower for your next card or layout or an entire bouquet to celebrate Halloween the We R Memory Keepers Punch Board makes the job fun and easy.  Make just one piece or layer several together for additional designs.  Now you will be able to have fun flowers around all year long!

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