Wood Burning on Spoons

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Wood Burned Spoons

Fall is in the air, and baking is on the agenda–Spice up your most basic of kitchen accessories, the wooden spoon, with some cute detailing brought to you by your creativity and a wood burning tool.

Spoon 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Spoon 3

To get the feel for your wood burning tool, I suggest you practice on an old scrap of wood before you jump right into burning on your spoons.  Practice using the various tips, practice making both straight lines and curves.   I found that I had an easier time controlling my lines by turning my piece as I worked so I was always pulling the wood burning tool down towards me as I was making a line, rather than just going every which way on the wood as I drew.  Once you’re ready to begin, use your pencil to lightly sketch a design on your spoon (I prefer to burn my designs on the back of them) and then get to burning.  To make a fairy tale girl on your spoon, like mine, begin by lightly drawing a circle on the middle, towards the top, of the back of your spoon.  Draw two curved lines for her hair.

Spoon 4

Draw two small eyes with eyelashes.

Spoon 5

Make two small curved cheeks.

Spoon 6

Give her a smile.

Spoon 7

Give her shawl a tie under her neck.

Spoon 8

Begin by burning the circle.  Curves can be tricky at first using your wood burner; going across the grain of the wood can make your line want to be lumpy, but just practice and don’t sweat it, because we are going to cover up this line with decorations anyway.

Spoon 9

Fill in her hair with lines.

Spoon 10

Burn in her eyes and lashes.

Spoon 11

Finish her cheeks and smile.

Spoon 12

Burn in her shawl tie.

Spoon 13

Using a tip with a rounded end, make dots around the edge of her face to represent the fringe on her shawl.

Spoon 14

Make two lines from around the bottom of head, about where her neck should be, to the each edge of the spoon, to represent the shawl.

DIY Wood Burned Spoon

Add some dots along the shawl lines you just made.  Decorate the rest of the shawl with some kind of a pattern (dots, stripes, stars, swirls?), and finish your spoon by embellishing it with some more details.  How about making some hearts, a simple bird, a flower, a vine, or a word?  Don’t forget to add some kind of design to the handle as well.  I found myself adding stripes to most of my handles, and even an arrow on one.  The fun of making these spoons is you can be as simple, or as detailed as you desire, and they still look neat and customized.  How fun would it be to make a set of these as a wedding shower gift, or to tie a decorated spoon onto a loaf of pumpkin bread to give to a friend?

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